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The Infertile Guide To Making A New Year's Resolution

Remembering Sandy Hook and the Gift of Infertility

Will Insurance Cover My Fertility Treatment? Questions to Ask Your Provider

Insulin Resistance and PCOS: How to Manage Your Symptoms

Understanding Your Fertility Coverage and How to Use It

An Adoption Story from a Fertility Practice – Part 2

An Adoption Story from a Fertility Practice – Part 1

Infertility and the Holidays: How to Cope

How to Pay for IVF Treatment Without Insurance

Open Enrollment Tips – Make Sure Your Infertility Treatment is Covered

Multi Provider vs. Single Provider: Which Fertility Clinic is Best?

IVF Military Discount | Fertility Financing for Veterans

What is Secondary Infertility?

Fertility Foods: Five Nutritionist-Approved Soups

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF): A Step-By-Step Guide from a Fertility Nurse

Fall Salads: Seasonal Recipes for Your Fertility Diet

How Do I Pick A Prenatal? | Increasing Fertility and Reducing Birth Defects

Top 5 Takeaways from ASRM 2019

Honoring Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

How a Sense of Humor Kept a Marriage Intact - Effing Funny Fertile Friday

Does Infertility Ever Go Away? And Other Infertility Questions That Live Beyond a Baby

Women's Equality Day | Relevant Fertility Facts from A-Z

The Baby Shower: An Infertility Story

Is the Flu Shot Safe During Pregnancy?

Lyme, Zika and Pregnancy... Oh My! How to Prevent Warm Weather Viruses

3 Reasons Why “Infertiles” Make the Best Friends | National Friendship Day

4 Reasons Your Sex Life Tanks During Fertility Treatment

Advocacy Day 2019 Recap: Uniting Our Voices for Infertility

Can You Take a Break from Fertility Treatment Cycles? How to Enjoy a Vacation

Understanding Your Fertility Insurance Coverage and How to Use It

Does Your Insurance Cover Infertility? Sign a Letter, Tell Your Legislator that it Should

Have Your Voice Heard During NIAW: Tell Legislators about Infertility and Insurance Access

Fertility Testing for Men: What's Involved and 4 Changes to Improve Sperm Count

Can You Predict How Fertile You Are? Pregnancy Myths to Avoid Falling For

Free Fertility Testing in CT: Have Peace of Mind for the Future

Fertility Testing for Teachers | Free AMH

Is Your April Fool's Day Joke Offensive to Those with Infertility?

#PassFAFTA - Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act - NY State Infertility Advocacy Update

Reframing Valentine's Day into a Day of Self Care

My Journey with Infertility Treatment and Shifting My "I Will Never" Mindset

We Remember | MLK's Dream

5 Folic Acid Facts | Fertility Clinic Recommends Pre-Conception Supplement

Fertility Superhero: Why Aprill Lane Decided to Donate Her Uterus

Congratulations| Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

Snappy Ways to Avoid the Dreaded “Are You Pregnant Yet?”

Support #IVF4Vets: One Veteran's Fertility Story

Effing Funny Fertile Friday- Hilariously Infertile

The Circumference of Our Hearts-1 in 4

Transitioning Through Difficult Fertility Terrain

Beyond Barriers: Fertility and Women of Color

#TurnItTeal for PCOS Awareness Month

Translating the Language of Infertility into YOUR Native Language

Modern Family Planning for Millennials

National Connecticut Day- Call Your Senator About Infertility

RMACT Celebrates National Book Lovers Day

IVF & Louise Brown Turn 40 Today

#TTC... Waiting... and Summer Fun?!

Infertility & Friday the 13th- The Upside

RMACT Doctors on Avoiding Lyme While TTC

Grants for IVF in CT & NY

Father’s Day: Love Them Through the 3 S’s (Struggling, Stoic & Sad)

When Mother’s Day Isn’t Your Day...YET

“Of Course!” Interpreted: "We Get It!"

A Rock, A Hard Place & A Truck Walked Into a Bar...

Newtown Lovingly Remembered

Making Choices- When a Rock & a Hard Place Aren't All That Appealing

A Heath Care Team At Its Finest & A Letter of Love to Acknowledge It

Infertility Support (& Laughs) at Ladies Night In Online

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day-GoodReads Book Discussion

What’s Mindfulness Got to Do With It?

What I Did During Fertility Treatment (Even Though I Swore I Wouldn't )

Urgent-Zika Virus & Pregnancy Update- From The CDC

Nest Egg Foundation CT Fertility Grants for 2017

Advocacy Day 2017

We WearBlue for Fathers to Be

It’s All About the Sperm: Men’s Fertility 101

Healthline Chooses Path to Fertility as a Top Infertility Blog of 2017

A Fertility Hero's Journey to the CT Legislature

Why Egg Freezing? Reproductive Systems Mature More Quickly Than You May Think

Fertility Benefits of Plain, Old, Simple Walking

RMACT Nurses Share Love for Their Patients During Nurses Appreciation Week

Support for ALL Women, on Mother's Day: How to Cope

Counsel From an Infertility Nurse On Managing Fertility Treatment

Effing Funny Fertile Friday: R-S-V-P...The Scariest Letters EVER

Renew Your Mind and Body with A Gift From RMACT

NIAW- Family & Friends Night At RMACT Collected 300 Letters

NIAW Continues- ListenUP- Secondary Infertility Hurts-Support & Group

National Infertility Awareness Week-NIAW- Free Events at RMACT

Waiting For That Pregnancy Test- HOW?

Goal- 3,000 Advocacy Day Letters. Print, Share, Sign. They Work

Nancy Kerrigan- Dancing With The Stars- Shares the Heartbreak of Miscarriage

TTC & Stress- What We Know-  Fertility Support

"Listen Up" Fertile Friends- Announcing Babies

NIAW Friends & Family Advocacy Evening at RMACT

Finding the Needle in the Haystack- Reliable, Helpful Information

RMACT- Designated Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

April Fool's Day- Not Pregnant? Not Funny.

Hysterosalpinogram (HSG)- A Positive Step Towards Pregnancy

Free Secondary Infertility Support Group- When You're Hoping for Another

It's Not Just About the Sperm- Male Factor Terms

Effing Funny Fertile Friday- What Makes You Laugh?

CEO & Medical Director Describe How the RMACT Team is a Family During Blizzard

The Internal Storm While Stella is Raging

How the ERA Fertility Test Helps Patients Overcome Unexplained Infertility

Fertility Support: How Counselors Can Help During IUI & IVF

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fertility Center

Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster & Pressing a Pause Button

Effing Funny Fertile Friday: Have a Good Laugh, It's on Us

Affording Fertility Treatment: What You Need to Know

Are IVF Babies Healthy? Prematurity & Single Embryo Transfer

RMACT Basics: Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Heart-Healthy & Fertility-Healthy Nutrition Choices

Fertility Treatment Under Attack in the Tennessee House & Senate: Why It Should Matter to All of Us

George & Amal Clooney Pregnant with Twins & We Want to Know – IVF?

RMACT Fertility Events Cancelled for February 9, 2017

Investigating the Language of Fertility Treatment: IUI Explained

Can Coconut Oil Increase Your Fertility?

Infertility Patients Share Their Experiences with Fertility Acupuncturists

RMACT Fertility Doctor Featured On NBC News Discussing Test That Can Increase IVF Chances

February is Healthy Heart Month: Go Red & Enhance Your Fertility

Free Pre-Conception Class for a Healthy Pregnancy & Baby

IVF Fertility Treatment At Risk – Sign a Letter & Send to Lawmakers

Effing Funny Fertile Friday

Fertile New Year's Resolution: Day 26

Infertility Hero: Celebrity Lauren Conrad Tells What NOT to Ask

Is the Real Diagnosis of Infertility Just Bad Luck?

Had a Poor Experience at a Fertility Clinic? Build Your Family at an Award-Winning One Instead

Zika Virus Update for Fertility Patients

Three Fertility Treatment Basics

All of Our Fertility Specialists Win Top Doctor Award, Again

#OneSmallChange: The Language of Infertility

Choice, Infertility & the Birth Control Pill

Smoking & Fertility: How to Improve Your Chances of Pregnancy

Infertility Test: What's the Difference Between Dr. Google & a Fertility Specialist?

#OneSmallChange Towards Health & Fertility

One Reason IVF Fertility Treatment Cycles "Fail"

Infertility Defined: Diagnosis or Not, There's Many Fertility Treatment Options Available

Welcome to 2017: Your Path to Fertility

Welcome 2017 As The Year Of Successfully Building Your Family

IVF Process in 3 Simple Steps: Stimulate, Retrieve, Transfer

Treat Yourself! 12 Childfree Holiday Relaxation Tips

Male Factor Infertility: When It's All About the Sperm

Infertility Alert: Sofia Vergara Sued By Her Embryos Putting Infertility Patients At Risk

Expert Advice on How to Battle the Infertility Blahs During the Holidays

RMACT Basics: 3 Steps of the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Process

12.14.16 Sandy Hook – A Baby After Infertility

Polite Answers For "When Are You Having a Baby?"

Zika Virus & Fertility Treatment: How to Plan a Trip & Stay Safe

Experienced Fertility Acupuncturist Officially Joins RMACT Team

Male Infertility: It's Not All About The Sperm, Except For When It Is

Infertility Blog PathtoFertility Celebrates 7th Birthday

New Fertility Acupuncturist at RMACT Shares Her Dreams

Top Fertility Program Offers More Free Programs During Holiday Season

Whose Fault Is It Anyway? & Other Infertility Questions

Happy Thanksgiving from RMACT

A Fertility Peer Support Group That Has Fun – Ladies Night In

Fertility Basics 101 – Parts of the Reproductive System

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Nothing for Us Infertile Folks on Amazon

The Remarkable Unpredictability of Infertility

Infertility Support Events – Free Yoga & Support Groups

Fertile Friendly Lunch for RMACT Team on National Healthy Lunch Day

Autism, Infertility & IVF Procedures – "No Associated Autism Risks"

Infertility Means Saying Yes to Yourself – Even When It Means Saying No to Others

The Significant Role That Ovulation Plays in Fertility & Infertility

Is FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) the Best Fertility Test Available?

November is Diabetes Awareness Month – Know Your Risk Factors

Single Moms To Be Partners With Single Mothers By Choice for a Free Event

Four Tips for a More Fertile Weekend

When Is it Time to Make a Fertility Consultation?

Fertility Expert Explains Benefits of Attending Free Single Moms To Be Event

Resolve New England Asks RMACT's Patient Advocate to Speak at Fertility Conference

Uterine Fibroids & Infertility – Can Fibroids Affect Fertility?

Single Moms To Be & Single Mothers By Choice Team Up For Free Event

Fertility Treatment Is a Game with No Guaranteed Winner

Why Fertility Testing On Cycle Day 21 is Vital

Fertility Medications – A Next Step in Becoming Pregnant

RMACT's Fertility Team Includes Physician Assistant Diana D’Amelio, RPA

Fertility Treatment Advice From Former & Current Patients

Top Infertility Doctor Talks About A Cancer Diagnosis & Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing Halts Biological Clock – Free Webinar with a Fertility Specialist

Why Can't I Get Pregnant? Unexplained Infertility Explained

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Are You an Infertility Junkie?

Fertile Yoga – Free and Open to All

Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month - Thank You President Reagan

Funny Fertile Friday – When Your Infertility Bone Ain't Working

Relieve Infertility Stress With These Meditation Resources

Why Artificial Insemination Is a Viable Infertility Treatment Option

Women's Health in October – Breast Cancer Screening & Infant/Pregnancy Loss

October Infertility Support Events at RMACT

Infertility Support at Ladies Night In – A Safe Place

Diagnosing & Treating PCOS to Have a Better Life

IVF Options – Elective Single Embryo Transfer (ESET)

What is the Criteria Necessary for a PCOS Diagnosis?

Habitat for Humanity Supported by Top CT Fertility Program

PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Event

Fertility Treatment Losses – When an IVF Cycle Fails

Dr. Mark Leondires & Gay Parents To Be Team Travel to Europe for Family Building Conference

Free Fertility Testing – Just One of Many Services & Events Offered at RMACT

#TwoFertileWords – Strong & Inspiring!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Facts to Know

Infertility & Stress: Four Services to Look For In A Fertility Practice

PCOS Awareness Month – Dr. Joshua Hurwitz Speaks About Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [VIDEO]

PCOS – One Woman's Story Inspires Others

Discover Your Fertility Potential with the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test

When Is It Time To See a Fertility Specialist?

PCOS is a Diagnosis, Not a Prison Sentence

The Leading Cause of Infertility – PCOS Awareness Month Starts Tomorrow

What's Your Biggest Infertility Fear?

A Peek Into an IVF Lab with Dr. Spencer Richlin [VIDEO]

Maximizing Your Health & Well-Being During Fertility Treatment

Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists Discuss Why They Are NOT Fertility Specialists

Common Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

ICSI – A Possible Solution for Male Factor Infertility

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test for Infertility | What to Expect

Fertility Specialists Define PCOS

Infertility & Family Building Events, Webinars & Support Groups

Dr. Mark Leondires Infertility Doctor in CT Shares His Personal Story

Four Reasons You Should Try Acupuncture For Fertility

Infertility Olympics-What We Have In Common With World Class Athletes

Infertility Facts: What You Need To Know

What's the Best Age to Freeze Eggs? Egg Freezing Questions Answered

Take a Virtual Tour of our Norwalk, CT Fertility Practice [VIDEO]

5 Fertility Mantras - Leave Infertility Behind for a Breath

Infertility Symptoms – Why Aren't You Getting Pregnant?

When You Want Another Child – Free Webinar on Secondary Infertility

National Conventions & Infertility – Who's On Your Side in Building Your Family?

Third Party Reproduction Support – Using Egg/Sperm Donors or Gestational Carriers

How Long Does an IVF Cycle Take? A Fertility Nurse Explains

Infertility – Failure is Not the Only Game In Town

What Makes Our RMACT Fertility Clinic Unique?  [VIDEO]

Five Phrases Only the Infertile Will Understand

CT Fertility Specialist Discusses New Study on IVF & Breast Cancer Risk

How Fertility Acupuncture May Enhance Treatment Success

What Makes a Fertility Center Different? Compassionate Patient Care

Pregnancy Fears About Zika Virus Causing Dropouts in Olympics

A Pre-Conception Wellness Seminar – The Right Tools for Fertility Success

Tired of Trying to Get Pregnant? Unplug From Infertility Stress

Trusting Your Fertility Doctor – When Discomfort is Really Pain

Wanting Another Baby – When Pregnancy Doesn't Come Easily After the First

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Fertility Medications

Ideas for Summer Distractions From Fertility Treatment

Free Fertility Testing for Teachers All Summer

Effing Funny Fertile Friday Continues

When Getting Pregnant is a Waiting Game

Pre-Conception Wellness Seminar – Get the Facts on Fertility Nutrition

Top Connecticut Fertility Program Offers Unparalled Patient Support

Fertility, Infertility & Sub-Fertility – How Long Should I Try To Become Pregnant?

Sex & Infertility – Staying a Sexual Being Through Treatment

A Fertility Patient Shares His Journey From Cancer & Infertility to Fatherhood

Zika Virus Concerns & Trying to Conceive – What You Should Know

Father's Day When You're Not a Father– Yet

Mourning Losses – The Tragedy of Orlando

RMACT Fertility Practice Hires Experienced Genetic Counselor

Nest Egg Foundation Inc. Offers 2016 Grants to Assist Those with Infertility Cost

Infertility Nurse Shares Personal & Professional Story About Fertility Journey

Fertility & Family Building Events – Try Something New!

Free Fertility Testing for Teachers All Summer – 3rd Year for RMACT

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Inspired by a Funny Ladies Night In

Infertility, Fertility, Sub-Fertility – Which Do You Prefer?

Welcome to June 2016 – A Month Full of Fertility Support Events

Fertile Foods – A Salad Recipe from an Expert Fertility Nutritionist

Infertility: Incompetent, Diminished, Poor – We Need Some New Terms!

US Veteran Wounded in Active Duty Discusses Infertility Coverage

Infertility 101 – When (And Who) to Call

Infertility – Whose Fault Is It? Yours, Mine & Ours

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Is Sex Infertility's Final Frontier?

Infertility Advocacy Continues – Make Two Simple Phone Calls Today

Which Fertility Team Are You On? "Don't Want to Know" or "What If?"

Hopeful Fertility. What I See.

Pregnant at 50 Like Janet Jackson? Less Than 1% With No Medical Treatment

Advocacy Day 2016 – We Want Infertility Coverage for Veterans

Infertility Two Week Wait – What Do I Do Now?

Meet Dr. Spencer Richlin, Award-Winning Fertility Doctor

Our Fertile Wishes For You On Mother's Day

Fertility Advocacy, Mother's Day & Letters

My Fertility Love Letter to You. And to Me.

RMACT's NIAW Fertility Events Continue #STARTASKING

#StartAsking Infertility & Fertility Questions – Why Me? That Was My First

What Are Your Infertility Questions?

Fertility Questions & Answers – National Infertility Awareness Week

Helping Others Create Families – How Can You Help?

Primary & Secondary Infertility – Similarities and Differences

Fertility Treatments & Success Rates – What You Need to Know

Infertility Diagnoses Renamed for Effing Funny Fertile Friday

Infertility is an Actionable Challenge

One Realistic Infertility Goal – Treat Yourself with Respect

Sharing My Infertility Bloggers, Friends & Colleagues Who Work Wonders

An Insiders View to a Cherished Fertility Specialist – Happy Birthday Dr. Cynthia Murdock

Infertility in the Stone Age, or 27 Years Ago, When IVF Was Brand New

Friends & Family – Come Together for Infertility Advocacy Night at RMACT

Infertility + Fertility Treatments + Baby Announcements = ?

Free Egg Freezing Webinar with Top Fertility Specialist – A Baby In Your Future?

April Fool's Day – No Pregnancy Jokes Here, Something Actually Funny

April Fools Day! Yes, It's Actually March 31st

Infertility Support – Fertile Affirmations to Embrace

Your Path to Fertility – Basic Tips & Special Events for Getting Pregnant

RMACT Brings Advanced Infertility Care to Poughkeepsie, NY

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Some People Have Babies By Having Sex

We See You as Strong & Persistent – #TwoFertileWords

Happy Spring – Seeing the Fertile World

#TwoFertileWords – Strong & Resilient

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – HA! Take That.

Infertility Support, Love & Friendship – The Antidote to Isolation

Answer to the Infertility Question "Is This My Fault?"

Fertility Basics – Treating Infertility as the Medical Condition That It Is

Shame, Guilt, Infertility and Fertility

Turn the Bad Fairy Tale of Infertility Into a Pass for Good Behavior

Infertility Perspective – Wear HopeFULL Glasses & Make a Gratitude List

Take Care of Your Emotional & Mental Health During Fertility Treatment

Trying to Conceive? Join us for a Preconception Health Event

Time for an Appointment with a Fertility Doctor? What Are You Afraid Of?

IVF Explained – A Basic Infertility Treatment Option

Oscars, Leap Year & Infertility Share #TwoFertilityWords- Resiliency & Rigorous

Infertility Terms Explained by Fertility Experts

Maybe a Baby? Free Fertility Testing in Norwalk Tonight

Secondary Infertility – When You're Still Waiting

Fertility Basics – Ovulation Induction & "Artificial Insemination"

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – "TMI" Infertilty Style

The Good News About Infertility – Seeing Sub Fertility Instead

Your Fertility Weather Report for Infertility Support

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Happy Valentine's Day

Unloading Infertility Baggage – What I Found Room For Instead of Misery

The Latest on the Zika Virus & Fertility Concerns

Zika Virus & Fertility Treatment Concerns? Medical Monday Answers

Thirty Second Fertility Vacation – Break the Obsessive Thinking Cycle

Fertility Peer Support Group Extended to Partners – Love In February

Fertility in the News – the Defense Department & the Girl Scouts

Tyra Banks & Surrogacy | Relationship Tips for Working with a Surrogate

Upcoming Fertility Events at RMACT & Couples Night In for February

#OneSmallChange? What's Yours?

SingleMomstoBe is Two! Inspiration? Information? We Want Your Input!

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Masturbation & Donkeys Aren't Funny Enough?

Is Sperm or Egg Donation Right for You? Join Us For This Free Group with a Fertility Counselor

Peaceful Warrior – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – "It's Funny, But..."

Fur Babies Do Not Replace Human Babies, But They Make the Fertility Journey Much Less Lonesome

Connecticut Removes Age Limit for Infertility Insurance Coverage

#OneSmallChange – Dr. Mark Leondires Talks About Fertility Treatment

Finding a New Fertility Perspective | #OneSmallChange

Warning – Infertility Costs RANT

Lisa Schuman, LCSW, Speaks Out About Costs of Infertility In Redbook

All 5 Fertility Specialists at RMACT Voted Top Doctors

Infertility? Try #OneSmallChange This New Year

Replacing New Year’s Resolutions with #OneSmallChange

"Happy" Holidays – Infertility Does Not Negate Every Happiness

Medical Monday – Infertile? See a Dentist!

Happy Holidays from RMACT!

Boost Your Fertility Health – Start With One Small Change

A Fertile Place Between Ho Ho Ho & Bah Humbug

Infertility Support During the Holidays – Treating Myself With Love & Awareness

Fertility Language | IUIs Explained

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – What It Really Takes To Become Pregnant

Treat Yourself – Top 12 Childfree Holiday Relaxation Tips

A Sandy Hook Story of Infertility, Pregnancy & Peace

Effing Funny Fertile Friday! Our Dream Fertility Doctor's Bathroom

IF Infertility is Getting in the Way of the Holidays – Here's a Cure

Infertility – An Unexpected Season

What is HSG? – Medical Monday & The Language of Infertility

Free Class on Fertility, Food, & Pre-Conception at RMACT Trumbull

Movember in December – Men's Health & Fertility

PathtoFertility Turns Six Years Old With 1,514 Infertility Support Blogs

To My Fertile Friends – Why I Didn't Feel Grateful This Thanksgiving

Infertility Support During the Holidays at Ladies Night In

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – Those Pesky Pregnancy Questions, Finally Answered!

Fertile Thanksgiving Wishes From the RMACT Team

Thanksgiving Lands in November & National Adoption Month

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – When You Know You "Should" But You Don't

Infertility Fears – How They Serve You & How To Shrink Them Down to Size

Infertility – As Unpredictable as the Weather

EFFF (Effing Funny Fertile Friday) – Do-It-Yourself Fertility Treatment

Renowned Fertility Counselor Lisa Schuman On PathToFertility’s New Column “Ask the Expert”

Infertility – Are You Feeding the Good Wolf or the Evil Wolf?

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – What Blows the Lid Off For You?

Single Mom By Choice Questions Answered – A Preview to Ask The Expert & A Free Event This Sunday

Fertility Doctor Dr. Mark Leondires Honored by Path2Parenthood

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – How Important Is a Decimal Point When It Comes to Fertility Medication?

Single, and Ready for a Baby? Join Us for a Single Women Pursuing Parenthood Event

Fertility Nurse Practitioner & Her Patient – When Adoption Becomes First Choice

Considering or Committed to Becoming a Single Mom By Choice? This Event Is For You

Infertility & Pre-Diabetes – What's the Relationship?

Effing Funny Fertility Friday | Get Your Uncensored Laugh On

Free Fertility Events at RMACT – Kate Doyle Will Tell You More Tomorrow

Considering Becoming a Single Mom? Attend This Event To Explore What You Need to Know

Questions About PCOS Treatment? Dr. Joshua Hurwitz Can Answer Them

Effing Funny Fertile Friday – One Woman’s Unbelievable Trigger Shot Story

We Remember – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

RMACT Honors National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Events & Awareness This Week – Fertility Testing Tonight, Fertile Yoga & Peer Support, Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Pregnancy Loss – When It's a Choice You Never Wanted To Make

Infertility Humor – Because You Deserve a Good Laugh

October Proclaimed Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month 28 Years Ago

Turn it Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Make Your Appointment

A Reliable Crystal Ball About Your Fertility Future – RMACT Hosts 2 FREE Infertility Events

An Infertility Voice – One Set of Answers to Heartwrenching Infertility Questions

PCOS Awareness Continues in October – Chronic PCOS Symptoms Have Good Answers

Infertility Questions Rattling Around in My Head

How Do You Diagnose PCOS? A Fertility Expert Shares Three Common Symptoms

Free Fertility Events in Connecticut for October

Infertility Doesn't Have a National Holiday, Neither Does My Sister's Birthday

The Language of Fertility Financing

PCOS Myths | Demystifying Three Common Patient Misconceptions on PCOS

The Scarlet Letter "I" – Gabrielle Union, Infertility & Shame

Kim Cattrall is NOT Childfree – Choices About Fertility & Infertility

Managing Expectations During Infertility – What Does That Mean Again?

What is PCOS? Discover Symptoms & Options for Pregnancy

Remembering 9/11 – How Our World Changed Forever

PCOS Isn't Funny – But Have a Good Laugh Anyway

Taking Care Of Yourself In Fertility Treatment With Support Programs

PCOS Awareness | Treating PCOS with Diet & Exercise

Living With PCOS | Treatment Options for Adolescents & Adults at RMACT

Resilience & Humor During Fertility Treatment | #TwoFertilityWords

Fertility Events At RMACT This September | Free & Open To The Public

We Recognize Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome In September. Do You?

Does Acupuncture for Fertility Work? Experts Explain the Benefits

#TwoFertilityWords Committed & Convinced Instead of Crazy & Obsessed

Infertility Empathy for Fertile Yoga Students – Not Sympathy

Infertility Financing? Fertility Medication Coverage? PathToFertility Will Get On It

#TwoFertilityWords | NOT Obsessive or Crazy, Try Strong & Vibrant Instead

Adoption Is Not A Second Choice, Even If It's After Fertility Treatment

Understanding Infertility – What is IVF, Donor Eggs, GnRH?

Fertility Insurance Coverage – State Mandate in CT Eliminates Age Restrictions

Infertility Questions & How to Respond to "When Are You Having a Baby?"

Infertility Is Challenging Enough – Don't Do It Alone

"I'm Fine" – OK, We're Not. Find Infertility Support & Remove Your Infertility Mask

Hot Fertility Events at RMACT for August – Free and Open to the Public

Trouble Conceiving? Should You See an Infertility Specialist or a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist?

Teetering Between Infertility & Fertility – Accepting Yourself

Infertility Lost a Voice – Dr. Howard Jones and Gained One – Mark Zuckerberg

#TwoFertilityWords | Crazy & Obsessed Are Out

Infertility or Not, We Deserve Privacy

10 Truths About Fertility & Why Infertility Doesn't Mean "No Baby"

What Two Words Describe Your Fertility Quest? Mine? Unrelentingly Persistent.

Fertility Events at RMACT This Week

Celebrating My Birthday With Fertile Gifts For You

If Only I Were Fertile. Why Didn't I Think of That?

Four Reasons You Should Try Acupuncture For Fertility

Be a Fertile Friend. Share that Free Fertility Testing is Being Offered!

Why Isn't Infertility Given the Same Respect as Other Diseases?

Boost Your Fertility & Beat the Summer Heat With These Free Events

Beloved Fertility Nurse Retires from RMACT – More Comments & Well Wishes

Fertility Free Weekend Ideas – Time Off For Good Behavior

With a Possible 8,000 Feelings About Infertility – Which Ones Do You Have?

Infertility Support Group & The Secrets to Getting Pregnant

Free Fertility Testing All Summer for Teachers & Special Evening on July 23 for Everyone

Freedom from Infertility! Enjoy Your Fourth of July Weekend

RMACT, Connecticut's Leading Fertility Center, Expands Nutrition Program

Supreme Court Welcomes LGBT Marriages & Families

Top Fertility Nutritionist Debunks Coconut Oil and Fertility Benefit

Joshua Hurwitz, MD, Fertility Specialist in CT – New York Magazine "Best Doctor"

Infertility Terms – What Do They Mean?

How Does Father's Day Feel To the Men?

Does Infertility Mean Never Having to Buy a Father's Day Card? Let's Hope Not

Top Danbury Fertility Program Moving to Beautiful New Office

Men - Take This Infertility Test. It's Confidential!

How Do You Think About Infertility? Take This Test & Find Out

Top Fertility Center Moves to New Danbury Location

Men & Infertility – What Do They Want to Know?

Men's Part of Infertility – Even When They're Not Infertile

Tomorrow – Top Fertility Program Offers Male Fertility Seminar & Fertile Yoga for Women

Kate's Corner – "Infertility Knowledge is Power"

New PathtoFertility Blog Contributor, Kate Doyle, About Why to Make that First Call

Infertility – An Individual Journey You Don't Have to Experience Alone

A Reminder of Fertility Basics | 9 Pre-Conception Concepts

You Are Not Your Infertility – Infertility Inspiration

CT's Leading Fertility Clinic Has A New Website Design – Just for You

We Haven't Forgotten. We Remember. Thank You.

Advice From a New Patient Liaison on Fertility Testing

Top Fertility Center Offers Support Programs – Educational, Emotional & More

Shahs of Sunset – Fertility Testing for MJ & Egg Freezing a Possibility?

Fertility Lifestyle Seminar Just for Men (With Fertile Yoga for Women) Free and Open to the Public

Top Fertility Practice's Introduces Special Team Member – New Patient Liaison Kate Doyle

Fertility & Lifestyle Seminar for Men + Fertile Yoga for Women – Together, on a Saturday

Genetic Testing Prevents Families Passing on Serious Diseases

A Final Word on Mother's Day Leads Me to Advocacy Day in Washington

Fertile Wishes for Mother's Day

Infertility & Mother's Day? Seriously? One Way to Get Through the Day

Free Fertility Testing for Women at Award Winning Fertility Program

Conception, Babies, Feminism – Sequencing Your Life by Understanding Your Body

New England Fertility Specialists Win "Top Doctors" Award

Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb – Embryo Disposition, Spousal Consent & Amy Demma, Esq.

Infertility Support – "You Are Not Alone" Events Continue at RMACT

Egg Freezing – the Future for Women? Supported by 9 Year Studies on Effects

NIAW – A Love Letter to Resolve From A Former Resolve NYC Leader

NIAW – Dr. Joshua Hurwitz Answers PCOS Question "You Are Not Alone"

NIAW You Are Not Alone – Plan Your Fertility Journey With Egg Freezing

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) – You Are Not Alone

Fertile Yoga – Free, Open to the Public, 3 Times a Week. Why Not?

Hope for a Fertility Cycle – Deep Breath In, Long Breath Out

A Thought for Our Fertile Friends – Please Think Before You Pass Judgement

Egg Freezing Event & More – RMACT Offers Free Events All Spring

RMACT Patients Have New System to Make Fertility Treatment Easier

Infertility Perseverance

The Eye of the Storm – A "Safe" Baby In the Midst of Infertility Frustration

fertiFamilia – Fertility Care for Spanish-Speaking Patients

Infertility – The Unexpected

Infertility Is Not Depression or Anxiety – Even When You Feel Depressed or Anxious

Unexplained Infertility – Questions I Asked Myself

Social Egg Freezing – Why Could This Be the Perfect Gift to Yourself?

Top Fertility Practice – FREE Education & Support Events

2015, Infertile or Not, Today is What I Have

Frequency of Fertility Thoughts From A to Z

Fertility Empathy 101 – Courtesy of Dr. Brené Brown & YouTube

Fertility Hope & Infertility Disappointments – Finding Balance?

Synthetic Children | Sir Elton John vs. Dolce & Gabbana

Infertility Mantras or Fertility Mantras – Your Choice

Infertility Humor? What's so Funny? Read On

RMACT Live Birth Rates 22% Higher Than National Fertility Practices' Average | SART

Secondary Infertility Special RMACT Event – When You are Hoping for Another

Upcoming Fertility Events at RMACT

Three Reasons Why I Loved My Fertility Nurse

Cancellation for Ladies Night In Tonight– RESCHEDULED to March 10 in Danbury

SingleMomstoBe – A Very Special Event Coming In March

Free Fertility Testing at RMACT's Norwalk Office

My Personal Infertility Journey – I Needed More Than Flip Flops

Celebrate the Fertile Chinese New Year with Traditional Rituals

PCOS Adolescent Program at RMACT

Chinese New Year ~ Hints on Being More Fertile In the New Year

Insane Infertile Ranting – Free Flow Musings

What To Expect at Your First Infertility Appointment – An Unexpected Question or Two

Fertility Treatment "Light" Ovulation Induction – It's Not Always IVF

Fertile Valentine's Wish For You

RMACT Team Celebrates Opening New Office & Lab

It's All About the Socks – IVF Retrieval Socks, That Is

Top CT Fertility Doctor Speaks at National Conference on LGBTQ Equality

Reducing Infertility Stress with Meditation (Not Medication)

Targeted Supplements – Safe While In Fertility Treatment?

PCOS Isn't Funny. PCOS Isn't Funny. PCOS Isn't Funny. And Yet? I'm LOL

Fertility Health Includes Heart Health – Wear RED for Heart Health

Choice? Infertility? I Didn't Make That Choice

Fertility Practice Open & Brimming with Free Infertility Support Programs for Patients

Fertility Practice RMACT Weathers the Storm With First Retrievals In New Offices

Snow Alert – RMACT Office Closings

The Faces of PCOS Awareness

Crazy Infertile Me – How I Found & Now Offer Peer Infertility Support

Infertility Inspiration – Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Introducing Our New Look – Same Infertility Support

Coming Soon – A New Look for PathtoFertility

Fertility Care Program Expands at RMACT’s New Norwalk Location

Fertility Drs. Leondires, Richlin and Williams are “Top Doctors of 2015"

Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation – Extraordinary.

The Future of Medicine – RMACT Fertility Doctors Are Top Doctors

I Am Not Toxic - I Am A Human Being With Infertility

PathtoFertility - Guest Blog Wednesday's to Begin with Dawn Gannon

Fertility Planning, Predicting and Finding a Solution

Top CT Fertility Program Moved - 761 Main Avenue, Suite 200, Norwalk, CT

CT Fertility Support in the New Year - PathtoFertility Changes

When There's No Baby, No Good News. Yet.

Egg Freezing Expert Dr. Mark Leondires on Channel 12

Holiday Baby Questions - Fast Forward, Pause, Breathe

Happy Holidays from RMACT

Give Yourself a Gift of Fertility - Come See a Fertility Specialist

I am Not Infertility - A Poem for Infertility Support

Fertility Treatment Insurance in 2015 - Know What You Need

Fertile Images ~ To Soothe Your Heart and Lift Your Spirit

RMACT and EggBanxx Partner to Offer Affordable, Safe Egg Freezing

Delaying Fertility Treatment Because of Insurance ~ A Patient Perspective

The Winter of My Infertile Discontent - Or How I See Trees

Reproductive Endocrinologist VS a Fertility Specialist - Medical Monday

Ladies Night In and Guided Meditation- CANCELLED- Dec. 11, 2014

No Baby Yet This Holiday Season? Bah Humbug.

Fertile Yoga in Trumbull-CANCELLED December 10 2014

Exciting News About The American Fertility Association's Name Change

Fertility Ho Ho Ho's and Bah Humbug's - Holiday Infertility Support

Holiday Gifts from RMACT - Free Fertility Support All Week Long

CT Fertility Program's New IVF Lab - One of Nation's Highest Tech

Free CT Fertility Testing in Trumbull and Path to Fertility Blog

What I Don't Do, What I Do, What I Can Do - Holiday Support

Additional Gratitude from RMACT Team Members

Getting Pregnant with PCOS - Diet & Exercise Tips

Grateful Thoughts From Fertility Practice - RMACT Team Shares

Fertile Yoga in Trumbull, CT - CANCELLED Nov. 26, 2014

Fear, Insurance Plans and Egg Freezing

Fertility and Men - Semen Analysis, Whether You Want to or Not

Egg Freezing a Growing Trend - Dr. Hurwitz Speaks to CT News

Guest Blogger - Tesa Baum and Meditation Ideas for Fertility and Holidays

Top CT Fertility Program Moving to Include State of the Art Lab

Free Fertility Test in Trumbull, CT - December 4, 2014

Medical Monday - Infertility Insurance Tips You Can Count On

National Proclamation, Politics Aside, for National Adoption Month

The Truth About Adoption - National Adoption Month

Changes as PathtoFertility Turns 5 - Fertility Journey Support

Basics on Trying to Have a Baby - Medical Monday

Fertility Support - Woman to Woman

November is National Adoption Month - A Choice

Fertility Meditation - Free From Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey

Election Day - Vote for Fertility RIghts

Fertility Treatment Threatened in this Election

Infertility - Trick or Treat?

CT Fertility Acupuncturist, Amy Matton, Talks About Transitions

PCOS Parents Event - Special Team Effort to Help With Your Teenager

"Single Women Pursuing Parenthood" Event November 2- Norwalk, CT

TTC? How Long? Fertility Specialists Answer That Question

Role Call - Egg Freezing, Personhood, SingleMomstoBe, Fertile Yoga

Science of Egg Freezing-IVF Lab Manager Talks to Infertility Patients

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk - RMACT Team Member Reflections

Egg Freezing - Rachel Gurevich, Health and Fertility Advocate

Egg Freezing Debate Continues - Professionals Weigh In

Fertile Yoga - In Honor of September Being National Yoga Month

Egg Freezing Debate Echoes IVF Debate From Decades Ago

Egg Freezing, Personhood Legislation, Pregnancy Loss - Fertility News

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Words of Hope

Fertility Acupuncturists - Vital Piece of RMACT Fertility Practice

Single Mom To Be Events - Please Join Us

When We Isn't Me - We Don't Fit Into the Fertile World Right Now

RMACT Launches fertiFamilia - Spanish Speaking Fertility Team

Ladies Night In Fall Schedule - Free Peer Support Group

Sperm Bank Mix Up and There's a Beautiful Baby Involved

Integrated CT Fertility and Wellness Program - Including Fertile Yoga

Super Fertility Foods: Quinoa

Giving Sugar the Cold Shoulder: Fertility Problems or PCOS or Not

New - Introducing Series About IVF (in vitro fertilization) at RMACT

TGIF - Or TGIT. Or Infertile and Still Grateful?

PCOS Doesn't End in September - Comments from RMACT's PCOS Team

Memories of Fertile Hopes and Joys ~ Remembering My Miscarriages

Fertility Specialist Explains PCOS And Shares Her Own Story

Dr. Mark Leondires Addresses Fertility Treatment Options for Lesbians

My Favorite Secrets About Obsession ~ Infertility Or Something Entirely Different

"If I Just Get Pregnant..." - Gladly Holding Onto Fertile Hope

Ladies Night In Schedule - A Few Reasons to Come

Fertility Doctor, Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, Explains PCOS and Treatment

Lisa Schuman Joins Leading Fairfield County Fertility Practice RMACT

The Sink or Swim of Infertility - Do the Back Float!

September is a Time That We Remember. With Love.

Posting Comments to PathtoFertility - Continuing the Conversation

PCOS Women to Women-Free and Open to Public-Tomorrow Night

Medical Monday - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Go RMACT!

Fertility Treats for Fabulous Friday-Not Alcoholic, Caloric or Caffeinated

PCOS Women to Women-Free Support and Help You Deserve-Open to Public

PCOS Awareness Month - September

Dr. Mark Leondires at Men Having Babies in Chicago, Sept 12-13

Labor Day - Finding Peace Amidst Infertility

Mommy's and Not Yet Mommy's - Secondary and Primary Infertility Divide

Fertility Medical Monday - Conceiving; an Urge, an Instinct, a Desire?

Another Way to Look at Fertility Treatment, Wise to Think Twice

SuperSperm, Guilt and Unexplained Infertility

Infertility Treatment Mantra - There's Not One Right Way to Do Things

Fertility Friendly Foods from Fertility Nutritionist Carolyn Gundell

Infertility Definition ~ As Written by Fertility Specialists

Infertility Exhaustion Explained by Ladies Night In - How to Take a Break

Summer Visions - A Look at the Earth's Fertility

Robin Williams' Depression Pain - Familiar to Infertility Patients?

CT Fertility Support - Summer Event Reminders

Infertility Testing On Medical Monday - Hysterosalpinogram Explained

Free CT Fertility Testing for Teachers Continues This Summer

Refreshing Summer Treats to Lift Spirits - Infertility Support

Affordable IUI's - The Opportunity Plan from RMACT

CT Fertility Doctor Cynthia Murdock - Why Calm Demeanor Is Helpful

Dr. Leondires, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Named Top Doctor

The Key to Trusting Your Fertility Program and Experience

Why Me, Why Not Me, Is Not the Infertility Question

Jaime King Reveals Infertility Message - We Are Not Alone - Yes!

Belated Happy Birthday to First IVF Baby, Louise Joy Brown

Fertility Wishes - A Fertile Birthday Wish to You

CT Ladies Night In - Tonight in Trumbull - Other Dates and Places Listed

Fertility Counseling - Help to Make an Informed Decision - Lisa Schuman and Melissa Kelleher

You Can Afford Fertility Treatment - RMACT Accepts Most Insurance

RMACT Fertility Specialist Is a Vitals Top Ten Doctor in Connecticut

CT Fertility Events - Summer Resources

10 Things NOT to Say to an Infertilte Person | 5 Helpful Things You SHOULD Say

Free Fertility Testing for All Teachers: Find Out Your Family Building Potential

The Infertility "What If" Game

A RMACT Patient Shares Her Thoughts On "When Is Enough, Enough?"

Support for Infertility - Lisa Schuman, LCSW - Our New Team Member

Infertility Support - Informal Intro. to Lisa Schuman, LCSW - I'm a Fan!

Fertile Yoga - Gratitude to RMACT

Infertility Trouble With a Capital I - Breathe

Supreme Court Decision On Birth Control Affects Fertility Treatment

Dr. Leondires On CBS News - Baby Orangutan Brings New Hope

Fertile Friday Thoughts and Actions - Plant a Seed

Infertility, Poison Ivy and What We Wear On Our Outside

Infertility Keyword for Today - "Almost"

Clutter, Space and Infertility - How Do You Clean it Up?

Infertility Quiz - What Type of Place Soothes You?

Is It Any of Your Business? Insensitive Questions for the Infertile

Need a Hug from Someone Who Understands? CT Ladies Night In Tonight

Do You Have A Crazy Infertile Friend? A Short Explanation On Why

Father's Day - Infertility Guilt and the Day After

CT Fertility Doctor Mark Leondires Helps Orangutan Become Mother

Men's Health Week - Basics on Taking Care of Things

Men's Health Week - Male Factor Infertility Explained

Infertility and the Birth Control Pill - Medical Monday

Infertility Heroes of the Day ~ Babies and Unicorns

My Favorite Baby Shower - Infertility Stories

Infertile Insensitive Me! I'm Sorry and Thank You | Infertility Emotions

Free CT Fertility Testing - Why Share This? RMACT in Danbury, June 5

Are You Fertile? Come Find Out - Free Fertility Testing in Danbury CT

To All Our Phenomenal Women - Infertility Does Not Define Us

Endometriosis, Infertility and Fertility - What's the Connection?

Memorial Day - My Thanks to A Hero

Fertile Friday Affirmations - Build Your Own, "I Am..."

Why RMACT If You're Trying to Have A Baby

CT Infertility Support Reminder - Ladies Night In Tonight, Trumbull

Support System Necessary for Infertility and Fertility Treatment?

Medical Mondays - The Language of Fertility Treatment

Fertile Affirmations for Friday

CT Fertility Events and Resources Update

Fertility Loss and a Mom's Love - Happy Birthday to Our Mom

Wasting Time Productively - Avoiding or Finding Your Way?

Medical Monday - Herbs to Avoid While Trying to Conceive

Mother's Day - Fertile Wishes, Hopes And Dreams

My Mother's Day Gift to Myself, While Still in Fertility Treatment

Fertility Specialist Dr. Spencer Richlin Speaks at Advocacy Day in DC

Infertility Advocacy Letter - What You Can Do

Infertility Advocacy Day in Washington, DC - Fertility Specialist Dr. Richlin Attending

March of Dimes - March for Babies this Weekend

RMACT March of Dimes Walk - Sunday, May 4 - Danbury CT

Infertility Chaos - Turning to Calm

Infertility ECards - A Bit of Infertility Humor

National Infertility Awareness Week: "Did You Know?" Fertility Quiz

NIAW Guest Blogger, Author Stephanie Fry, "We Are Not Alone"

Infertility Myths? National Infertility Awareness Week - NIAW

National Infertility Awareness - Not Celebration, AWARENESS

National Infertility Awareness Week - Subfertility, Not Infertility

NIAW - The Fertility Needle In the Haystack

Floating Through the Pregnancy Wait and See Days - Two Week Wait

RMACT and RESOLVE Observe National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)

Infertility Springs Into Ladies Night In Support Group

Emerging From Infertility Hibernation to Easter, Passover and Ramadan

Infertility - What I Am Most Grateful For Today

Women's Health - Stamford Hospital Fairfield County Women's Expo

Free Fertility Testing at RMACT Stamford Office on Thursday, April 10

Fertility Program FAQs - Am I Infertile? Should I Keep Trying to Conceive?

Infertility and A New Lens- I Chose to Laugh, What Will You Choose?

CT Fertility Events Update - April 2014

Fertility Medications and the Efficacy of Placebo

You Are A Total and Complete Human Being - Infertility Is Not Who You Are

Medical Monday - Infertility Guide to Finance, Events, First Visits and More

Informal Introduction to Our IVF Lab Manager Katherine Scott

Ready, Set, Go ~ Fertility Medication Directions, Clear and Simple

My Sister Shari - Her Life Was Full of Children

LGBTQ Family Building Event

Fertility Testing Seminar and Free Fertility AMH Test

CT Fertility Events Reminder - Free and Open to the Public

With Infertility, What Do We Hold Onto and What Do We Get Rid Of?

Single Women Pursuing Parenthood ~ Free Public Discussion Group

Spring into Fertile Meal Planning - Fertility Nutritionist Speaks Out

Fertility Medications ~ An Emotional Roller Coaster or a Breeze?

Spring Into Fertile Meal Planning | A Fertility Nutrition Workshop

The Silent Woman - A Single Mom to Be?

Infertility Retreat, To Give Pause, Or Just Take a Break

Update On CCS IVF - Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening

Another Note to My Fertile Friends ~ I Am Not Broken

Fertile Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Cancelled for Tonight - March 6th

Fertility Foods: Five Fertility Nutritionist Approved Soups

For Our Fertile Friends Out There Who Really Want to Be Sensitive

And the Oscar Goes to...RMACT Credits Roll Please, Our Academy Awards

What Is Unexplained Infertility?

I Treat My Car More Lovingly Than I Treat Myself | Wellness Wake-Up

Fertility Food Plans

Infertility Insurance Coverage Explained by Fertility Experts

Infertility Humor - A Selection of Infertility ECards

IVF News - More Babies, Less Multiples - From SART

Infertile or Not ~ Enough Already With Dismissing Feelings - Including Disappointment, Frustration and Yes, Even Rage

Bleeding in Pregnancy-CT Fertility Specialist Cynthia Murdock Speaks Out

How to Build Hope - Happy Valentine's Day

RMACT Snow Schedule for Feb. 13, 2014-What's Open and When

CT Fertility Clinic Celebrates 5 Top Doctors

Infertility Anxiety? Ideas From Those In The Middle of It

Fertility Peer Support Groups - A Little Secret Revealed

Fertile Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Cancelled 2.6.14 in Norwalk - ON for Friday in Brookfield

RMACT Offices Open-Please Call Before You Go In for Appt-NO FERTILE YOGA in Trumbull

CT Fertility Practice Has Two Castle Connolly “Top Docs” of Fairfield County

Fertile Images ~ Something to Feast Your Eyes On

Our Right to Choose - Fertility Treatment and More

Fertility Commitments to Myself - Infertility Support

CT Fertility Specialist, Dr. Joshua Hurwitz - PCOS Program Leader

Cost of Fertility Treatment and IVF ~ My Peace of Mind

Connecticut Fertility Practice Launches "Single Moms to Be" Program

More Talk About IVF Cost - $47,000 and No Baby - As Reported in Elle

I'm Fine - Fertility Treatment Guilt and Attitude Awareness

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - My Hero in the Struggle for Fertility

Fertile Hope from Inspirational Quotes of Those Much Cleverer Than I

"The Big Lie: Motherhood, Feminism and the Reality of the Biological Clock"

40 is NOT Old - Fertility Notwithstanding

Meet Dr. Spencer Richlin - CT Fertility Practice's Surgical Director

Path to Fertility First Steps - Moaning, Complaining and Dragging Feet

An Email from Deepak Chopra I Didn't Want to Open

Kokopelli ~ Fertility God, Full of Mischief and Hope. And Love

What Do You Want While Trying to Have a Baby?

Meet Our Reproductive Endocrinologist and CT Fertility Specialist

Fertile New Year's Thoughts, a Year Later - Not Struggling and OK

Fertile Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Cancelled for January 2, 2014 in Norwalk

New Year's Resolutions - Fertility Treatment and Marathons, Inspired By Dr. Mark Leondires

Cleaning up 2013 Before Ringing in the New Year - Happy 2014

"Saving Fertility Not Priority at Most Cancer Centers" - Catchy Headline?

Words From the Heart - To Our Friends Who Are Fertile - Infertility Support

Ready or Not, It's Infertility!

Fertile Beauty ~ Happy Holiday . . .

The Real Gift We are Waiting for ~ Our Children

CT Fertility Program Inside Email from Dr. Mark Leondires, Shared

Coping With Infertility and the Holidays ~ What Does This Time of Year Mean to You?

New Year, New Approach to Infertility? Mind Body Connection Workshop

Weight - Hardest Word to Hear With Infertility - Nutrition Help

Winter Solstice - Day Full of Darkness - Turn Inside, Find Your Light

December 14, Newtown CT and the Rest of the World Remembers

Fertility Program Team Member Offers Poem; Loving Words of Support

Integrated Wellness Fertility Program - Special RMACT Event Jan. 12

Fertility Prayers to an Ovary God or Goddess - Could that Work?

Ladies Night In - Join Us Tonight for Peer Support in CT

CT Fertility Specialist Mark Leondires Gives 3 Month Plan - Habits for Optimal Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy

Yoga Nidra, Infertility and Finding Your Center Post-Thanksgiving

Gratitude and Loving Thanksgiving Thoughts from RMA CT Fertility Team

Grateful for Fertility Patients Letting Us In~Monica Moore, MSN, RNC

Infertility Basics - November's Stripped Down Fall Beauty

All Fertility Treatment Centers Are Not Created Equal-Medical Monday

RMACT Infertility Patients - Thanksgiving Thoughts and Gratitude

Childfree Living Was Not an Option For Me

Medical Monday - Generations of PCOS, Our Daughters

Fertile Affirmations - A Gift From Ladies Night In

What's Your Focus? Heart Over Mind Or Vice Versa?

New Opportunity Plans at RMACT - Find Out Why You're Not Conceiving

Infertility - Men Are Not Ducks. Maybe They Are Swans?

Gratitude Despite Infertility for a Friday Afternoon - Or Why Not?

My Thanks to Fertile Yoga Students of Trumbull

Two Week Wait, Fertility Treatment and Ladies Night In

Sneak Peek of Single Mom's to Be Website - Volunteer Focus Group

IVF Opportunity Plan | Affordable IVF

Talking About LGBT Family Building

You're Invited to Reduce Stress and Increase Fertility

Breast Cancer Does Not Mean the End Of Fertility-Dr. Spencer Richlin Comments

Fertility Treatment-Staying On the Same Side-Getting Help When Needed

Top Fertility Expert to Talk About Secondary Infertility-Free CT Event-Followed By Fertile Yoga

Are You THAT Infertility Patient? The Craziest One? The One the Entire Office Talks About When You Leave? Doubtful.

International Infertility Experts On IVF Cost and More

Breaking Infertility News From ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

Medical Monday - An Introduction to Male Factor Infertility

Fertile Thoughts - Inspiration from Paulo Coelho

Fertility Blog Apologies-Thank You Universe For Allowing It Face to Face

Infertility E-Cards - LOL - Don't You Wish You Had Said That?

Fertility Foods-Seasonal, Local, Inexpensive, Delicious-Share a Recipe

Medical Monday - October is About Breast Health and Mental Health Too

Regaining Balance After Staggering Infertility News - Good or Bad

Meet RMACT's New Acupuncturist in Trumbull CT-Elaine Malin, MTCM, L.Ac.

Positive Affirmations - Top 40 Fertile Words

Infertility @#*&! Words

National Yoga Month - Fertile Yoga to Begin in RMACT Trumbull Office

RMACT New Fertility Center in Trumbull, CT Now Open

Healthy Boundaries and Maintenance for Fertility Patients

Fertility Program Supports Women's Expo - Free Tickets Available

Fertility Center Offers Educational and Support Events to Patients and Public

The Fantasty of Fertility Treatment - ASRM Response and Mine

Fertility Heroes - A Peek Inside at RMACT

Fertility Support - RMACT's Melissa Kelleher, LCSW, Shares Her Views

We Remember: In Love and In Peace

Top CT Fertility Counseling Gains New Support - Meet Melissa Kelleher

Pissed to Be Pregnant With Twins? Who's Judging Them? Not Me!

Musings: Infertility Support as the Summer Wanes, Autumn Approaches

Magic at Ladies Night In; a Team Effort - Infertility Support

Open With Caution - Serious Infertility Whining Going On

Forgiveness, Healing and Yoga in Sandy Hook, CT and from Within

Fertility Support - RMACT Events for September - Plan Now

19-Year-Old Donated Cryopreserved Embryo Makes a New Mom!

When Infertility Becomes Parenting - Or How Summer Turns to Fall

Fertility Wait - 2 Weeks and Counting Every Moment

Medical Monday - Infertility Doctor Mark Leondires Talks to the Men

Normal or Crazy? One Piece of Advice for Trying to Conceive

Back to School Hit Me Right Between the Eyes While Trying to Conceive

Surrogacy Out of the Closet - Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

Infertility Answers for Medical Monday - FAQs When Trying to Become Pregnant

Real Voices of Infertility - Speaking Out About Fertility Treatment Costs

Money and Fertility Treatment Costs - Guilt and Possible Solutions

A Reminder - Infertility Does Not Mean No Sex

Infertility Support - Taking a Break from My Rant

Not Childfree by Choice - Infertility Insurance and State Mandates

Childfree Living Is A Choice, Infertility Is Not

RMA's CT Fertility Specialist, Cynthia Murdock, MD, Named Top Doctor

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Infertility and Gratitude

Being Single Is Not Infertility - Support for ALL Family Building

Medical Monday - Day 21 Testing

British Babies In the News - IVF's Birthday Baby and Royalty

Waiting for A Baby

Frequently Asked Infertility Questions

Why Me? Why Not Me? When Infertility Is the Question

Switching Gears - Fertility Treatment Rerouted

What If? Breaking Down the Infertility Monster

Fertility Path - When No is the Most Unselfish of Answers

Ovulation and Trying to Conceive | Medical Monday

Fertility Images - My Gift of Summer Photos

Infertility Ramblings - Thoughts That Flitted Through

Infertility; Celebrating Our Lives

Single Women's Parenthood Group Meeting, July 23 - Lisa Tuttle, PhD

Medical Monday - Fertility Testing, Day 3 - Part 1

Our Lives. Infertility Or Not. Pregnant Or Not.

Top Infertility Practice Has a New Author! Katlyn Duncan, RMACT

Fertile Yoga and Ladies Night In - A Success

Senator Wendy Davis Stands Up: Reproductive Health Rights and Choices

Infertility Medical History - Part Two

Medical Monday - Filling Out Forms For Fertility Treatment - Part One

Finding My Own Peace Within Infertility

Infertility Storms - Letting Them Blow Through

Medical Monday - Who Becomes an Egg Donor

Father's Day - The Up's and Down's of Fertility Treatment

A Pregnancy is Just as Sweet - No Matter What You Call It

Father's Day Gift to My Husband - Safety to Talk

Fertile Affirmations for Our Health | Infertility Support

Pregnancy Rates - Not All Fertility Centers Are the Same

Unexplained Infertility Questions

Infertility Break - Let's Call It A Vacation

Warning - Politically Incorrect Blog - "Infertility is a Medical Problem?"

Fertility Medications Secret Handshake - Fertile Yoga Revelations

Top CT Fertility Center Events This Week

Infertility Choices and Decisions - What's In Your Control

Fertility Miracles - Unexpected News

Infertility Pep Talk - Waiting, Waiting and More Waiting

The Importance of Sleep | May Is Better Sleep Month

Infertility Means Your Period is Not Always the Point

Signs. Stop. Yield. Detour. Road Closed. Infertility?

Medical Monday! Infertility Style

Fertility Treatment - The Two Week Wait

Infertility Hygiene - Let's Practice It Together

Infertility Is Not Cancer - Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy

Egg Freezing Explained - Different Than Embryo Freezing

Mother's Day, A Special Hell for Fertility Patients (Or Not) | Parts 1 & 2

Khloe Kardashian is Not Infertile - Maybe Fertility Challenged?

Count to Ten ~ Injecting Fertility Medications, For Both Partners

Top CT Fertility Center Offers Spanish Website

A Way to Grieve Fertility Loss. And to Heal. Walk This Weekend.

Your Way Back to the Fertile Self You Recognize | Infertility Support

National Infertility Awareness Week Continues at RMACT | May Events

Top CT Fertility Practice Joins March of Dimes Walks This Weekend

NIAW - Infertility Frustration, Infertility Questions, Default Answers

NIAW - It's Positive! It's Positive? It's Positive?!? I'm Pregnant?

NIAW - The Secret I Was Afraid to Say: I Might Never Become Pregnant

NIAW - Dedicated to Men and Women Trying to Conceive

Join Us: RESOLVE's National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)

Spring Colored Glasses - Seeing the Fertile World

Technical Difficulties on Infertility Calendar - Events Update

Boston Marathon Tragedy - Musings on Running and Freedom

Infertility Symbols and a Little Bit Pregnant

The Infertility World Lost a Pioneer - Professor Sir Robert Edwards

Infertility Questions - To Know or Not to Know?

Dr. Joshua Hurwitz Selected Top Doctor in Infertility

Throwback Thursday- Gay Infertility - Discrimination and Insurance Coverage for the LGBTQ+ Community

Fertility and Medical Monday | Whole Health

Fertility Peer Support - I Chose Contentment

Meet RMACT's Integrated Fertility and Wellness Team

Fertility Counselor Talks With RMACT Couples - April 11

A Gift to Fertile Yoga Students - From a Former Fertile Yoga Student and Mother

Fertility Appears in Many Different Opportunities

It's Easier to Get Pregnant at 28 Than It Is at 38 or 46 - OB/Gyn's Should Warn You

Supreme Court Hears Cases About What Family Means

Free Fertility Seminar for Couples - RMACT Patients

Infertility and Medical Monday - Fertility Treatment Words

Harm Reduction- Fertility Treatment - What Can You Shift?

RESOLVE ~ The National Infertility Association - Advocacy Day

A Family of Two - Fertile Love

Fertility Screening - Why Should an Obstetrician Care? - Dr. Spencer Richlin Explains

Try Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey ~ Free Meditation - Tap Into Your Own Fertility

March is National Nutrition Month

Fertility Testing - Anti-Mullerian Hormone Explained

Fertile Yoga, RMACT on Channel 8 News - Thank You's

Embryo Identification, Step by Step with Lab Director of Top Fertility Program

A Time of Change Or a Change of Time - Fertility and Hope

International Women's Day: Highlight on Endometriosis

Fertile Yoga Class to Be Filmed and Aired - We Need You

Fertility Patient Opens Her Heart | Fertility Treatment Thoughts

Trying to Conceive: Enough with Babies in the Newsfeed? Unbaby.Me

March is National Nutrition Month - Here's My Fertility Hero - Carolyn Gundell

Fertility Events for March at RMACT

Betty White - Childfree at 90

Infertility Comments That Hurt and That Comfort - Which Do You Want to Hear?

Fertility Health - Top 10 Do's and Don'ts

Calling All Fertile Yoga Students, Calling All Fertility Voices ~ It's Time

I Want to Be a Fertile GPS - Part Two

Fertility Doctor, Joshua Hurwitz, Points Out Study About Folic Acid and Autism

I Want to Be a Fertile GPS - Part One

Day After Valentine's Day - Fertile Love

Valentines Day - Love Yourself - Be Fertility Wise

Award Winning Fertility Doctor(s) at RMACT

Another Kind of Family

What Meteorologists and Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists Have In Common

Snow Closings and Delays for Top Fertility Program - RMACT

Shared Hope In Infertility Support Group - Ladies Night In

Excuses Why Not to Practice Fertile Yoga - Check Out Mrs. New York

Super Bowl's Over - This Week, Fertility Support - Ladies Night In

Infertility Awareness, Heart Disease and Go Red for Women

The Frozen Embryo Dilemma - What to Do? Let Us Know Your Opinion

When a Pregnancy Fails, We Grieve - A Letter to a Father

Fertility Commitments to Myself | Stay Sane In Fertility Treatment

PathtoFertility Blog Line Up for This Week | Infertility Support

What Would You Tell Someone About Infertility?

Yielding In the Struggle With Infertility

Dreams, Angels and Miracles - Fertility Conference 1/26, Elmsford, NY

You Can Learn Everything You Ever Needed to Know Having Infertility

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Why We Can't Wait

Top Fertility Clinic Opens New Office in Trumbull, CT

Stuck in One Place with Infertility? I Did 9 IUI's. Yes, 9

My Daughter Has PCOS | A Forum for Adults to Help Adolescents

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Fertility Team Let Their Hearts Speak (Part 1)

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