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Learn the latest in fertility news and what you can expect along your journey in building your family.

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By: The RMACT Team
October 25th, 2018

Pursuing fertility treatment can feel daunting, especially when it’s your first attempt. Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, Reproductive Endocrinologist, and Chelsea Merwin, Patient Navigator, discuss the best ways to continue past the first attempt and keep going until you get the positive result we all hope for.

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Top Fertility Doctors | Infertility | Fertility Challenges | Love and Infertility | Unexplained Infertility | infertility courage | In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | TTC | InfertiltySupport | infertility support | egg retrieval

Justine Houle discusses how she quieted the "what ifs" and "I knows" running through her mind and turned her focus to her beliefs. Read on to hear how her journey to her egg retrieval unfolded.

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infertility community | Fertility Challenges | Love and Infertility | infertility courage | Financing Infertility Treatment | featured

Justine & Dan-when one can't, the other can. How fears regarding affording fertility treatment/insurance coverage are relieved when the call is finally made.

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Infertility Diagnosis | Fertility Challenges | Support | Kate's Corner

By: Kate Doyle
February 2nd, 2017

My infertility diagnosis made me feel like God/the universe might be telling me that I wasn’t meant to be a mom. Can infertility challenges reveal new meanings?

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Fertility Challenges

By: Kate Doyle
May 26th, 2016

If you are staring at a fertility roadblock, Take a deep breath, accept your circumstances, find your inner strength, & put one foot in front of the other.