Better Sleep Month and the Importance of Sleep

Better Sleep Month   Sleep and InfertilityIt’s Better Sleep Month (BSM).  Yes, there is a month dedicated to raising awareness just for that.  Likely, none of us have forgotten about the importance of sleep, though it may be time to renew a commitment to getting sufficient rest.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.  In honor of Better Sleep Month, let’s take a moment to revisit the importance of sleep.


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Sleep and Health

Sleeping is one of those fundamental requirements in life.


On a list of priorities, it's pretty high up there.


We all realize that we can't live without food and water.


We don't often recognize our dependence on our breath and our sleep.


Maybe that sounds ridiculous. 


Maybe not.


Food and water are things that we need to actively seek out. We need to plan, buy, prepare and eat our food. If we don't, we're hungry. If we don't, we're not nourishing our bodies. If we don't, we end up very unhealthy. Food is a tough one, because we have to eat to live, but in our society, there are so many unhealthy choices that becoming overweight is a frequent problem. Eating for reasons other than hunger is very common. Many of us do that, rather frequently.


You don't really hear that about breathing, except from us crazy yogis. Breathing is something that most of us don't over do. It's impossible to receive anything but healthy effects from breathing. Even if you breathe too much or too consciously, there are health benefits and very little downside.


Then we get to sleep. 


And here's the thing. We do more if we sleep less. 


Most of us are over busy and want to do more.


So we do more, we sleep less.


What else happens? 


We are more irritable, less productive, less clear headed. Our blood levels are totally whacked out, as are our hormone levels (have you had an appointment with Carolyn Gundell, MS, RMACT's fertility nutritionist?) and we age faster without the restoration that sleep offers.


Sleep is not what you should give up. Especially while you're trying to become pregnant.


A wise woman said to me recently that she values her sleep as much as she values her awake time. That she sleeps with as much integrity as when she is awake.


Consider that.


How to Sleep Better


Do you have any ideas of how to get more sleep more or how to sleep better? I'm happy to print them here. Click here for some tips on how to sleep better from the Better Sleep Council.


Let me know what else you want on the list.


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