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Lisa Rosenthal has over twenty-five years of experience in the fertility field, including her current roles as Coordinator of Professional and Patient Communications for RMACT and teacher and founder of Fertile Yoga, a class designed to support, comfort and enhance men and women's sense of self. Her experience also includes working with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and The American Fertility Association, where she was Educational Coordinator, Conference Director and Assistant Executive Director

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Fertile Yoga - Gratitude to RMACT


Fertile Yoga and Gratitude to RMACT

fertile yoga at RMACT resized 600Fertile Yoga is a mainstay in my life. I owe that to Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT).


From Medical Director Dr. Mark Leondires, I got my beginning. Now support flows in from all directions. Drs. Richlin, Hurwitz, Murdock and Williams all encourage their patients to come to class. Our PA, Diana D’Amelio, our nurses, medical assistants, patient navigators and even our financial team members often bring up Fertile Yoga as a way of relieving stress, finding companionship, soothing frantic thoughts and finding a different way of being.


Infertility can cause irritability. It can cause sadness. It can cause hope to rise and deflate and rise again. It can cause isolation. It can cause feelings of shame, regret, hurt, jealousy and more. You name it; you may end up feeling it.


Enter freedom.




We have them. We may not like our choices. We may hate our choices. Still, we have them.




We can have that too.


We can appreciate what we do have. It doesn’t negate what we still want in our lives. Noticing what we are grateful for can fill our hearts even when our hearts feel broken.

Trying to Conceive and Finding Reprieve

Me, I’m grateful for Fertile Yoga. I’m grateful for being an agent to help support men and women who are feeling bruised or overdone from the stresses of trying to conceive.


I’m grateful for being able to provide a safe haven to speak the truth of the moment. To be in on recognizing that our feelings recede and fade and reemerge. That we can just be. Release attachment to the past and anxiety about the future and just breathe into the present moment.


I am very grateful for Fertile Yoga and RMACT supporting it and all the men and women who participate. I am very grateful to work for people who understand the importance of taking care of the whole person and not just their reproductive organs. I’m very grateful never to have to explain that to the people that I work with.


Fertile Yoga tonight in Norwalk, CT is from 5:45-7:00. No class tomorrow night, I’m sad to say due to the holiday.


May we all find something to feel grateful towards. Please do read tomorrow’s blog about freedom and gratitude.



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Why RMACT If You're Trying to Have A Baby


Trying to Have a Baby? Why RMACT

RMACT doctors for trying to have a babyTrying to have a baby? Want to get pregnant? Wondering where to go? Here are a few things to consider:


Five award winning, board certified reproductive endocrinologists who are accessible and communicative;


A lab director, techniques and procedures that have won scientific awards at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM);


Specially trained clinical staff, including our Physician’s Assistant, compassionate and specifically educated nurses, medical assistants, and team members committed to your fertility success;


Pregnancy rates to be proud of, even compared to academic settings, including the point that we accept patients that other fertility practices will not treat because we can do so successfully;


Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program with a nutritionist, acupuncturists and yoga teacher whose entire focus is on fertility. Thoughtful and supportive mental health professionals who take care of helping you through the fertility process.  Peer support groups provided for additional support;


This is what makes Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) different.


These are the reasons that our patients have a distinctly different experience at our fertility program than they do or will at other programs.


Including the experience of becoming and staying pregnant to deliver a baby.



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Medical Monday - Infertility Guide to Finance, Events, First Visits and More


Medical Monday - Infertility Guide

RMACT homepage and computer   3.31.14It’s Medical Monday here on PathtoFertility. OK, sometimes Mondays are medical and sometimes they are something else depending on what is breaking in the news, feels more urgent or is on the fertility calendar.


Today, I thought I’d walk you through our website. Not our entire website which is massive, more like a stroll, I guess. I do mean massive in a good way, there’s a lot of pertinent and relevant infertility and fertility treatment information on the RMACT website and it’s easy to navigate. Today, I just want to show it off a little bit, maybe entice you to take a deeper look.

Fertility Finance

What I’m getting from patients a lot in the last several months is interest in fertility finance. What does insurance cover? More specifically, what does my insurance cover? What should I expect to pay out of pocket even with the best insurance coverage? Are there hidden costs and can I discover them first so as not to be hit with a bill unexpectedly?


Here are some links to pages that can help answer those questions.


The most basic page about your benefits: Affording Treatment and Understanding Your Benefits


We have a state mandate; it covers a lot more of us than we realize at first glance: Connecticut State Infertility Insurance Mandate


Our Opportunity Plans - RMACT has responded to your needs. Not all of us have fertility insurance coverage and that just stinks. What can make matters worse though is having costs flying all over the place. We’ve created plans that are inclusive so that you know what you are paying for and that you won’t be receiving unexpected bills. We call them Opportunity Plans: Fertility Treatment Costs

Fertility Events

Another vital part of our RMACT website is our online calendar for fertility events, lovingly updated and tended by our own RMACT team member, Alicia McNeill. Here is where you find out what special and ongoing programs RMACT is offering. Please do check often, we are constantly creating programs that RMACT patients and the general public can attend, often free or low cost: Fertility Events


Frequently Asked Questions


Another very useful page on the RMACT website is FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions. Of course we don’t mind you calling or emailing us to ask questions. That’s what we’re here for; sometime it’s more convenient for you to simply take a look at this page. Our fertility endocrinologists and other clinicians have shared the questions that they are asked and then provided comprehensive, thoughtful and reliable answers. They can be found at this link: Frequently Asked Questions


What to Expect On A First Visit


One last page that I would like to share with you; for those of you who are new to infertility and perhaps have never had an appointment with a fertility specialist, we have a special page on what to expect on your first visit. It can really help relieve stress to know what you are walking into; just one less thing to worry about. In fact, knowing what to expect at your first appointment can even be very exciting. Your first step in creating the family that has proved to be elusive so far: Getting started and What to Expect


Best place to check for last minute cancellations or changes is our RMACT Facebook page. You do not need to “like” the page to check there. If you prefer to check elsewhere, PathtoFertility, the page you are on right now, will also list any changes to events and programs.


Hope that these links bring you an answer, an additional question, or a place to dig deeper. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


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RMACT New Fertility Center in Trumbull, CT Now Open


Our New CT Fertility Center in Trumbull

RMACT Trumbull CT Fertility ClinicReproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT)'s Trumbull, CT fertility center has been there for nine months. Just the amount of time to give birth to a bigger, brighter, beautiful space with many more services and capabilities. Read below for more information on what RMACT is now making available in Trumbull.


Please mark your calendar for October 24, our free fertility testing date. We are offering free blood tests to check AMH (Anti-mullerian hormone) which very accurately predicts your fertility potential. Only in our new Trumbull office! Here are more details from our official press release, which included a video message from medical director Dr. Mark Leondires, as RMACT Unveils New Trumbull Office with More Services:

Fertility Practice Expands Its Fertility Treatment in Eastern Fairfield County

TRUMBULL, CT (September 19, 2013) – Just nine months after opening a new location in Trumbull, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) is moving into a renovated office that is five times the square footage of the current space. The new office, which is located down the hall from the current suite at 115 Technology Drive, will offer more services and will be able to meet increased patient demand for appointments with three doctor offices, three exam rooms, two acupuncture rooms and a complete blood triage center.


Many of the services that RMACT offers at its offices in Norwalk, Danbury and Stamford, CT will be added to the Trumbull location, making fertility treatment more convenient for eastern Fairfield fertility patients. Services at the Trumbull location will include:


-   Andrology lab and semen collection

-   Fertility diagnostics for men and women, including blood work and physical exams

-   Teach classes, where patients learn to administer their injectable medications

-   Morning monitoring for patients during a treatment cycle

-   Out-patient procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI)

-   Third party reproduction services (e.g., donor egg, donor sperm, gestational carrier)

-   Fertile Yoga classes

-   Nutrition counseling

-   Peer support groups

-   Workshops and seminars about fertility, nutrition and other related topics


“We are thrilled by the patient response in eastern Fairfield County,” says Dr. Mark Leondires, medical director of RMACT. “By expanding the services and space in Trumbull, we are able to meet the needs of our fertility patients and conveniently give them the full RMACT experience under one roof. Our success rates excel because we treat the whole patient, including medical testing and treatment, nutrition counseling, mind-body services and educational workshops – and now all of that will be available at the Trumbull office.”


All five of RMACT’s Board Certified reproductive endocrinologists will see patients in Trumbull. Office hours are 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Monday and 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday to Friday. Patients interested in making an appointment at the Trumbull location can call 203-880-5340 or go to http://www.rmact.com/contact/schedule-appointment


RMACT’s endocrinology lab will remain in Norwalk, where in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures and SelectCCS (also known as Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening, an advanced form of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) will take place.


About Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT)

RMACT specializes in the treatment of infertility, including assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (SelectCCS). RMACT, Fairfield County’s largest fertility clinic and egg donation center, is one of 11 leading In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centers nationwide chosen by In Vitro Sciences to participate in its Centers of Excellence program. RMACT has offices in Norwalk, Danbury, Stamford and Trumbull, and affiliate New York fertility clinics serving Putnam and Dutchess counties. RMACT also offers infertility treatment financing and support services, such as nutrition counseling, massage therapy, psychological counseling, acupuncture and yoga, through RMACT Integrated Fertility and Wellness Center.


The RMACT team includes lead physicians Drs. Mark P. Leondires, Spencer S. Richlin and Joshua M. Hurwitz, as well as fertility specialists Drs. Cynthia M. Murdock and Shaun C. Williams. All physicians are Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists and are members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and the Fairfield County and Connecticut Medical Societies. RMACT’s IVF laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and CLIA; other accreditations include the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). For more information visit http://www.RMACT.com or find RMACT on Facebook.




RMACT Wishes Everyone a Fertile Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to our patients and patients everywhere from the staff of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful patients! Let us all be thankful for all the wonderful things that we have and hopeful for all the wonderful things that our future will bring.

Diana D.


Thanksgiving is a time for family.  We are all part of a family with hopes and dreams.  As we walk together with friends and family we must be thankful for what we have with a hopeful eye to the future.  To all of our patients (extended family) I wish you the best this day and hope you do reach your dreams in the future.   Or (touch the sky in the future)

Dr. L


I am thankful for life, family and friends. 

Kimone N.


I am thankful for family, friends, and magnificent co-workers.

Natesha L.


I am very thankful for a wonderful 2010; a seamless wedding, wonderful in-laws, great job, and amazingly supportive friends and family.

Teresa Z.


I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to slow down a little and share a wonderful meal with busy family and friends.

Tina C.


On Thanksgiving we have to savour the people we are around and celebrating with. Be in the here an now and enjoy the moment of the holiday. We all deserve to have fun on Thanksgiving. Be Mindful, which means to focus and enjoy the little things - smell of the turkey, or the baking of a pie, or your company.

Dr. R


I am thankful for my family and both our grandchildren  and especially for our rmact ivf grandson!

Janice P.


I’m grateful for my wonderful father and boyfriend, without them I’d be nowhere in life. I am also grateful for this new job I was blessed with. Amazing co-workers, patients. Couldn’t get any better than this!

Terilyn M.

I am thankful for working in such a great place with such amazing people to be able to help our  patients achieve wonderful families.

Dr. H.


I am so thankful for the love, support and encouragement of my family and friends (and, on a lighter note, I am also thankful for Glee (my favorite!) and my IPAD).  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Robin M.


I am so very grateful for another amazing year of wonderful memories from families, friends and of course our patients at RMACT.

Carrie V.


I am very Thankful for 2 girls that started of as co-workers and have become family to me. I am also thankful for having amazing kids and a husband.

Lettycia C.


I am thankful for friends, family and good health.

Rachel V.


I'm thankful for my families, both at home & work.   And for our patients getting pregnant and knowing that we have a small part in their success & happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving,

Dawn K.


I am thankful for the health of my children.

Jocelyn C.


I am thankful for having the opportunity to care for patients that are trying to expand their family.I am thankful for my family.I am thankful that my sister is cancer free after 5 years. I have so much more to be thankful for, the list goes on and on

Brigitte A.


I’m grateful for: HOUSE on Mondays; GLEE on Tuesdays; HUMAN TARGET on Wednesdays; FRINGE on Thursdays; and Simon works on Fridays…

Laurie P.  


I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and co workers who have supported me and have always been there. I am thankful for hellos and smiles I’m able to share with everyone each day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Soochi V.


I am thankful for my family and health.

Linda C.


I am very grateful to work with such a caring, dedicated team of people at RMA.  I am also grateful that my own struggle with nfertility paved the way for me to have such a rewarding career. Lastly, I am so grateful to the couples who let me share their fertility journey, and who never cease to amaze me with their strength and perseverance to become parents.

Lisa T.


With the many obstacles that may have happened in my life, I am grateful to overcome challenges and succeed by choosing to be happy and joyful for the moment.

Petra S.


This time of year makes me think of all that I am thankful for which of course includes my family & health, but I am also so grateful for the kindness of strangers and generousity of their hearts time and again.

Alicia M.


I am thankful for my Patients.  As I share my knowledge, I end every visit with a greater understanding and professional growth- from my patient discussions. Also, my mother was a great role model.  She showed me how optimizing her health through healthy eating, spiritual growth, and  physical fitness  helped  her  face her daily  life  mental and physical challenges.  I am thankful for the opportunity of working with a wonderful RMA team of doctors and staff who support my nutrition / wellness passion and offer excellent, comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Carolyn G.


I am thankful for my wonderful family,good health and for my JOB! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Dori W.


I am grateful to have such great people to work with!

Kristin A.


To all the RMACT patients I am thankful for the opportunity to know so many of you and be a part of you journey. Wishing you peace on this Thanksgiving and success in the year ahead!
Amy M


I'm thankful for my patients, who teach me something new about hope every day.

Nora B.

Infertility Basics- Top Fertility Program Opening in Stamford


Big news!

Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT is opening in Stamford, October 10!


Please Read- Important Announcement about Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT office locations:Top Infertility Program- RMACT's Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists- Dr's Hurwitz, Richlin, Leondires, Murdock
 Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut will be closing their Cos Cob office as of this Friday, July 29th
All patients will be seen instead at either of the nearby Norwalk or Danbury offices. We will be doing everything possible to ensure that this change does not affect the professional, convenient, and personalized services that you are used to with RMACT. Our staff, from our board certified reproductive endocrinologists, clinical and lab personnel to our finance department are well equipped for this change and looking forward to a smooth transition.
New Fertility Clinic Stamford CT | RMACTWe are looking forward to welcoming you to our NEW office in nearby Stamford in the early fall. This spacious office in Stamford, located at 1290 Summer Street, renovated for our specific patients needs, will be our new home for our Integrated and Fertility Wellness Program, as well as all as housing all the clinical and medical procedures that were previously offered in Cos Cob.
For more information or details, please call us at: 800-865-5431

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Top Infertility Programs Offer Award Winning Embryo Screening


Top Infertility Programs- Offering Embryo Screening

And, Yes, it's also Thursday's blog because of technical difficulties yesterday.

Top Infertility Program- Offers Comprehensive Chromosome Screening


Every few years, a reproductive technology comes along that revolutionizes infertility treatments for patients.


Comprehensive Chromosome Screening is, arguably, one such technology. Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut in partnership with Dr. Richard Scott of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (www.rmanj.com) are proud to announce that we are the only center in Connecticut who can offer patients access to this important tool.

What is Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS)?

Aneuploidy is the term used to describe any embryo with either too many or too few chromosomes.   Most people are not aware that aneuploidy is the cause of greater than 60% of miscarriages, as well as the most likely reason that  patients do not get pregnant from an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.

The purpose of CCS is to analyze, select and transfer only embryos that do not have abnormalities in their number of chromosomes. Screening embryos in advance can help achieve higher implantation rates and fewer pregnancy losses, particularly for women 35 or older, couples with multiple-failed IVF cycles or implantation failure, and couples with repeated miscarriages.


Potential CCS Advantages: Technologies Screen Embryos for All 23 Pairs of Human Chromosomes

The more traditional technique of identifying aneuploidy in IVF embryos was performed with an older technology called fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). FISH has many technical drawbacks including the fact that it can only study, at most, 11 chromosome pairs out of all 23 pairs of chromosomes.   Therefore 12 or more chromosomes, then, are not examined, resulting in only partially screened embryos which can lead to miscarriages or infants born with chromosomal disorders.    Additionally, FISH requires removal of only a single cell on day 3 of development.  This greatly decreases the accuracy of the testing and may even harm the embryo as there are only 6-10 cells at that stage of development.  In fact, several well-regarded research studies have shown that using FISH on day 3 embryo does not improve outcomes over traditional IVF.

Conversely, during CCS, we obtain 5-10 cells on a day 5 or 6 embryo called a blastocyst.  Biopsying the embryo at a more advanced cell stage dramatically increases the accuracy of this testing and minimizes potential damage that the biopsy can cause on the embryo because it has several hundred cells by then.

Another advantage to CCS is that we can greatly reduce the odds of a couple having multiple pregnancies (twins or triplets). It arms clinicians with the knowledge that they are transferring the most chromosomally fit embryo, therefore precluding  the need to transfer multiple, unscreened  embryos in the hope that one will be healthy enough to create an ongoing pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Embryo Screening

The new analytical technology involves quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and allows for the evaluation of all 23 pairs of human chromosomes from several embryonic cells.  The ability to determine this chromosomal information with such a high rate of precision in a fresh embryo transfer is available at only five centers across the entire country which are affiliated with our practice director Dr. Richard Scott.

Comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) is the future of embryo screening and is a proprietary patent pending technology.

The application of qPCR won the general prize paper at the 2010 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (www.ASRM.org) meeting as the first prospective, randomized trial to demonstrate a significant improvement in ongoing pregnancy rates using aneuploidy screening.   This is the highest research honor in reproductive medicine in the United States and highlights the acceptance of our procedures for CCS by the national professional societies.


Please call us at Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT, 800-865-5431 for more information.

Infertility Basics- Meet Dr. Joshua Hurwitz of RMACT


Infertility Basics- Meet Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, board certified reproductive endocrinologist from RMACT

Dr. Joshua Hurwitz is a staff physician and infertility specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) who joined the practice in 2006 with a passion for patient care and teaching.  In addition, he is Division Director of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) services in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences of Danbury Hospital.   He is board certified in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.Dr Joshua Hurwitz- board certified endocrinologist from RMACT


As Division Director of REI, Dr. Hurwitz is responsible for developing and implementing the division’s academic program, teaching residents, and giving lectures, as well as caring for infertility patients.  Dr. Hurwitz has been teaching residents at Danbury Hospital in the operating rooms, clinic and RMACT’s private office for over three years, making his transition to director a natural progression.  He will continue teaching and implementing the most advanced infertility therapies available, including endocrinological, surgical, genetic and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques.


He received his undergraduate degree in Biology & Society from Cornell University, and his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.  Dr. Hurwitz completed his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, also in Philadelphia. During residency training, Dr. Hurwitz was named Best Laparoscopic Surgeon, and has received many teaching awards.


After residency, he completed a three year fellowhip in reproductive endocrinology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.  During his fellowship, Dr. Hurwitz successfully launched several research programs related to reproductive aging and diminished ovarian reserve and has presented his research findings at many leading national and international fertility conferences. His research interests also include premature ovarian failure, oocyte cryopreservation, reproductive surgeries, embryo donation, and bioethics. He has published numerous abstracts, articles and book chapters on reproductive aging, reproductive hormones, IVF, ultrasound, and bioethics.


Dr. Hurwitz is a member of the Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists, Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. He is also currently Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women’s Health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Top Infertility Practice in Fairfield County- Closing Office in Cos Cob, Opening in Stamford


Please Read- Important Announcement about Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT office locations:Top Infertility Program- RMACT's Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists- Dr's Hurwitz, Richlin, Leondires, Murdock
 Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut will be closing their Cos Cob office as of this Friday, July 29th
All patients will be seen instead at either of the nearby Norwalk or Danbury offices. We will be doing everything possible to ensure that this change does not affect the professional, convenient, and personalized services that you are used to with RMACT. Our staff, from our board certified reproductive endocrinologists, clinical and lab personnel to our finance department are well equipped for this change and looking forward to a smooth transition.
New Fertility Clinic Stamford CT | RMACTWe are looking forward to welcoming you to our NEW office in nearby Stamford in the early fall. This spacious office in Stamford, located at 1290 Summer Street, renovated for our specific patients needs, will be our new home for our Integrated and Fertility Wellness Program, as well as all as housing all the clinical and medical procedures that were previously offered in Cos Cob.
For more information or details, please call us at: 800-865-5431

Infertility- Waiting for Babies


Infertility Blog- We wait with your for your babies

Pamela Madsen, my best friend and fellow fertility blogger,  wrote a wonderful essay, many years ago, about waiting for babies. 


It was an essay, blogs didn't exist back then. I am not entirely sure that laptop computers even existed back then.


She spoke poignantly about waiting with her two closest friends for their babies to come into the world.


I was one of those friends.


I'm reminded of this because I now have the immense joy and pleasure of seeing my fertile yoga students become pregnant.


And, like all of us at rmact, we hope that each pregnancy ends in a baby. We mourn when a pregnancy ends abruptly and there is no baby.


We ooh and ahh over the baby pictures and luxuriate in the joy of our students, our patients with their new family.


We wait. We hope, we mourn and we rejoice.


And we do it together.


While we work and wait for these babies to arrive.


We wait together.


Ladies Night In this week. RMACT Danbury office on Wednesday. RMACT Norwalk office on Thursday. Please call Carrie Van Steen at 203.731.2520 ext. 289, for all the details!


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