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Lisa Rosenthal has over twenty-five years of experience in the fertility field, including her current roles as Coordinator of Professional and Patient Communications for RMACT and teacher and founder of Fertile Yoga, a class designed to support, comfort and enhance men and women's sense of self. Her experience also includes working with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and The American Fertility Association, where she was Educational Coordinator, Conference Director and Assistant Executive Director

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Free CT Fertility Testing in Trumbull and Path to Fertility Blog


CT Fertility Testing Tonight

Today, we’re two blogs. Nope, no identity crisis, just wanted to make sure that everyone out there knows about our free fertility testing in Trumbull, CT this evening. Below the event listing is today's blog. You get a double dose today! ~Lisa Rosenthal

Free AMH Fertility Testing Seminar

When Thu, December 4, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Where 115 Technology Dr, Trumbull, CT 06611, USA (map)

Description Fertility Essentials | Fertility Testing ~ A blood test is now able to tell women, more easily than ever before, about their potential to become pregnant. This blood test, known as Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), helps doctors determine your chances of becoming pregnant now and in the future.

ct fertility testing 

What is Your Ovarian Reserve?


FREE testing is now available from RMA of Connecticut! There will be a brief presentation and a blood test. (You can take the test while on the birth control pill or at any time during your menstrual cycle.)


Our doctors and nurses will be present to discuss how AMH testing can indicate reproductive health. Participants will receive a call from an RMACT clinical staff member with test results within 10 business days.


Registration is recommended. Please join us! Get the information you need to plan for your future family. Light refreshments will be included. Please RSVP - events@rmact.com with the subject "AMH 12/4" or click here.

PathtoFertility - Fertile Yoga and Meditation

rmact logoWe’re moving. We’re really moving. RMACT will be in our new, beautiful, state of the art home in January 2015.


One of the ways that I know that we’re moving? Our beloved home at 10 & 20 Glover Avenue in Norwalk is not quite how it’s been for the last decade plus. Hence, Fertile Yoga for the month of December in Norwalk is a thirty minute guided meditation instead.  No prenatal yoga at all in December.


This sounds like less, right? Thirty minutes instead of seventy five minutes is less. Forty minutes less, to be exact. And less is less is less. Right?


Not always.


Thomas Keller started a food revolution at the French Laundry in California. Someplace, that despite having visited the area fifty-one times in my life, I still have not eaten. That’s another story. This story is about how he feeds people there. He feeds them. Nourishes them. Sustains them.


With bite size pieces. With a taste. With many different tastes. He serves his guests many tender, different, exquisitely flavored, exotically created and textured bits. (OK, next time out, I’m going to the French Laundry, done.) One of the keys is that there is only one bite. Maybe two, very occasionally, three. Interviews with Chef Keller will confirm this, his portions are that small.


What a contrast to some of our favorite restaurants which serve humongous servings. Enough to share and still bring some home. Enough that the food is overflowing plates that could be, should be, serving plates for a party of three. In those restaurants, we know that we are getting what we paid for and then some. Is there a temptation to overeat? For some of us, many of us, there is. Do we taste the food after the first bite? The second bite? The seventeenth bite? Thomas Keller would say no.


My plan about our meditation time in Norwalk for the few weeks in December as we shift to our new beautiful space is to make these sessions that delicately flavored. That exotic. That rich and pleasurable. To use the time in a thoughtful, mindful way so that everyone who attends feels sated. Feels fully satisfied without being overstuffed. So that we all experience a practice that feels delicate and enriching.


To make a practice that lingers on the palette afterwards, as an echo that soothes the heart.


That is my intention for our meditation practices for December in Norwalk.


I would love for you to join me. December 4, 11, 18. No classes on Dec. 25 or Jan. 1.


Come get your taste.



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Guest Blogger - Tesa Baum and Meditation Ideas for Fertility and Holidays


Fertility and Holiday Meditation Ideas from Tesa Baum

fertility meditation ideas for the holidaysI promised you guest bloggers. And here's our first, Tesa Baum. A great way to start, by offering some help with the holidays and the craziness that we sometimes get into. Especially challenging for those of us in fertility treatment or sad that we are still without our babies.


Read beneath her blog post for her official bio and her beautiful picture. 


Meanwhile, here are her thoughtful and very helpful suggestions for the holiday season.

~Lisa Rosenthal


The Holiday Smackdown: Mindfulness vs. The Monkey Mind

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose and non-judgmentally--in the present moment as if your life depended on it. Because it does, actually.


The Monkey Mind is a way to describe the agitated, easily distracted and incessantly moving behavior of ordinary human consciousness.


I have a confession. Even as a practitioner of holistic wellness and healing, I succumb to the monkey mind. I find that my mind is often wandering and thinking about my To Do List, going over my daily activities and plans for tomorrow, or replaying moments from the past. Yes, just like you, I find it is difficult for me to sustain focus, appreciate, and absorb the present moment, whether that moment feels pleasant or challenging.


Ironically, the Holiday Season, the time of year that gives us the most frequent and meaningful reasons to remain in the moment, is also the most favorable arena for The Monkey Mind to dominate our thinking. As our holiday season responsibilities escalate, we can become overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, lonely, scared and depressed, especially if we are feeling the loss of fertility, and so we struggle to attain balance. All bets are placed on The Monkey Mind.


This holiday season, together, let's shift the odds in favor of Mindfulness. Neither you nor I can simply stop thinking. But, by practicing a quick mindful meditation technique, we can become less attached to our thoughts and less swayed by every passing emotion.


What does this mean for grief, loss, sadness, and feelings of isolation during this holiday time? We don't want to feel trapped and consumed by these feelings. Unfortunately we begin to fear these feelings so much and then all we want to do is "move on". Mindfulness reminds us that pain and sorrow, like all else, is not permanent.


Does this mean that disturbing feelings will go away completely? And stay away? Of course not. But it does mean that they will change shape and form, they will ebb and flow, some days won't be great and some days you will start to smile. It means that our grief, like everything else, is only temporary. Once we accept this, even if only on a rational level, some of the need to avoid our grief starts to diminish. We can stop believing it is permanent, even when we feel it will last forever. Instead of battling your feelings, let them stay with you and treat them compassionately. Once you learn to stop looking at your negative feelings as a taboo, they can start to dissolve. Accept uncertainty and try to allow it to coexist with who you are. You will be pleasantly surprised how fleeting and impermanent these feelings can be. It takes a lot practice. Here's how you can start!


Tesa's Seven Minute Monkey Mind Smackdown Meditation


I am pretty sure that I am the first holistic healing practitioner to leverage WrestleMania terminology in a meditation technique! But, we all truly wrestle with this beast day in and day out. And, even though this technique doesn't require a lot of muscle, I want you to feel powerful in its defeat. Here are four simple steps to follow:

1.  Find a quiet place and set a timer for 7 minutes.

2.  Close your eyes, and establish a point of focus-your natural breath moving in and out.

3.  When your mind wanders, don't be critical of yourself. Allow the thoughts to come and go and gently bring yourself back to your point of focus.

4.  When we start to get really heavy and all we want to do is run away, that’s when to simply say to the thoughts, “hello, I see you, welcome”. 

After completing this exercise, I feel extremely focused and I am able to really enjoy the moment. I am going to commit to this meditation practice each and every day during this holiday season. I hope that you commit too, both to practicing and to feeling more present.


In the New Year I will circle back on this topic and let you know the impact of my meditation. And, in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me and let me know your experience with this holiday survival tip.


Tesa Baum, R.M., CHT

path to fertility guest blogger tesa baumTesa is a Reiki Master Healer and Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Tesa is passionate about natural healing and helping people live their lives to the fullest.

Her goal is to help people experience inner peace, purpose, and inspiration. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP) and has studied energy work, healing and meditation. She practices in Westport & Ridgefield, CT and Mt. Kisco, NY.  Tesa works with individuals of all ages, groups, and facilitates workshops.


The Center for Health and Healing Wellness Center


Westport Hypnosis Group



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Fertility Meditation - Free From Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey


Fertility Meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey

fertility meditationFull disclaimer here. I do not get any money from Oprah Winfrey or Deepak Chopra. RMACT does not receive any money from them either. We have no affiliation, neither professional nor personal with either Oprah or Deepak.


I’m sharing this on PathtoFertility because a lot of you have expressed interest in meditation. There have been a lot of questions, some of which have only led to more questions. In Fertile Yoga and Ladies Night In, we’ve talked about:


  1. positive affirmations
  2. creating a personal mantra
  3. candle gazing
  4. clearing our minds
  5. sitting quietly
  6. opening our hearts
  7. visualizing health and wellness
  8. bringing closer that which you want for yourself
  9. chanting
  10. aromatherapy
  11. different types of breathing exercises


And much more.


We’ve talked about “putting it down”. Consciously making the decision to turn away from a recurrent, maybe even obsessive, thought or thought pattern.


These are all ways to avoid getting drawn in so close that you are in constant pain. Ways out.


Yes, there are ways out.

Meditation for Fertility: Free Program

Then how could I not share this free program, which can be used as meditation for fertility, delivered by Deepak Chopra? I love them. I use them to jumpstart or intensify my own meditation program. A natural inclination is that when one feels better, we stop using the tools that are helping.


We figure we’re better. All done.


Actually, it doesn’t work that way.


Practice. Consistency. Persistence.


Those work really well.


Here’s a lovely, gentle way to start. Please don’t judge yourself or the program if you can’t sit through the entire meditation. Try a few minutes if it feels too long.


Know that however long you sit IS you being successful.  Maybe you will be able to sit longer after five days. Maybe not. Know that however long you do sit quietly is so much more powerful than no time at all. If your mind is busy the entire time, please know that you are not the only one. Not by a long shot.


So give yourself permission to try this. It’s free. And Deepak Chopra has a voice that is immediately soothing and comforting.


Here's the link: https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience


Please let me know how you like it.



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Infertility Trouble With a Capital I - Breathe


Infertility Trouble With a Capital I

experiencing infertility and breathing techniques resized 600What do you do when you get into trouble? Whether it's trouble with your primary relationship, work, feeling stuck, infertility trouble or your own personal version of trouble; what do you do?


That was the question that I was asked in a yoga class yesterday by a beloved teacher, Mary Gerdes. She always asks the question that I need to hear, that resonates deep within and bubbles up with something new.


What do I do when I get into trouble?






LOL. Just being honest. I completely realize that it is not helpful, nor conducive to solving problems. I get that.

Experiencing Infertility - A Look Back

When I think back to experiencing infertility though, that’s exactly what I did. First month, I was sure I would be pregnant. Same with the second and third month. I was pretty confident until the ninth month. The ninth month hit hard, most probably because that’s the gestation time of a baby. By the ninth month of trying with no baby, the realization that something was needed beyond having loving sexual relations with my husband was undeniable.


Trouble was Infertility with a capitol I.


And so off to panic I went.


I didn’t know what to do first, who to listen to, what to pay attention to; that wasn’t for lack of reliable sources and available help. That was due to the panic that had ensued and clouded my thinking and ability to discern what was helpful from what was unhelpful.


Breath and Awareness


Mary asked and answered the question yesterday. What do you do when you get into trouble?




What do you do when you’re happy?




What do you do when you’re disappointed?




I could go on, but you get the idea. We breathe whatever emotion we are in, whatever situation is raging or loving around us. We breathe.


I’m not saying we always pay attention to the breath; that was Mary’s point.


My point is, actually, no matter what? We breathe. That’s what we were born to do. To keep breathing no matter what, otherwise, we are no longer alive.


Mary’s point, as interpreted by me, was “can we bring our focus to our breath when we are in trouble?” We will be breathing or hyperventilating as the case may be, but we will be breathing. We can’t get into trouble and just not breathe, then there’s a whole lot more trouble.


We breathe because we were designed to breathe every moment of our lives. We have to, there is no choice. Bringing attention to our breath, that’s different.


When I pay attention to my breath, even as my panic rises, I pause. I consider. It gives me just that amount of time for the panic to recede and a sort of reason to return. Not everything is worthy of panic. Ramping things down is healthy, physically and emotionally. Cognitively, we make better decisions when panic is not the ruling force.


I wish I had known in the middle of infertility that even though I felt panicked, there was a pause that was available. A place and a way to settle myself that didn’t count on anything except my breath and awareness.


Thanks Mary, for a glorious class as always. I appreciate always the physical movement of yoga. If I had to pick though, I’d pick the question brought up and reinvestigated in the practice.


What do you do when you’re in trouble?





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Infertility Keyword for Today - "Almost"


Infertility Support - A Mid-Week Pick Up

infertility support   kitten and dog picHere’s a mid-week infertility pick up.


My word for today, as it pertains to the struggles and joys of being in fertility treatment, is almost.




Almost can walk us back from the edge.


We are all human beings. Every person you meet today is a human being with strengths and weaknesses. Every human being that you meet today makes mistakes, does great things, wakes up, goes to sleep and does a tremendous amount in between.


When you get ready to be dismissive of someone else’s mistakes or are tempted to see them as “other,” resist the urge. They are human beings. They make mistakes. They are doing the best that they can, just as you are. Just as I am. Just as we all are.


Maybe they are not as nice as you would like them to be. Maybe they don’t explain things as carefully as you think they should.


Ask yourself a few questions:


  1. How do I behave when I’ve gotten behind and I’m rushing to catch up?
  2. What do I leave out I feel pressured to move onto the next thing?
  3. What must it seem like to interact with me when I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing feels like it’s going right?


We don’t know what’s going on with another living being, or more specifically another human being. People I’ve been in relationship with for years, who are perpetually unpleasant, I have found out to have serious, persistent sadnesses and troubles in their lives. The worst I can do? I can add to them by being nasty or unpleasant back. The best I can do? Smile and wish them well.

Infertility Feelings and Seeing Others

Infertility sometimes feels like it wraps us up in a dark cloud where seeing another person and their pain is almost impossible.


Key word is almost.


I understand pain. I don’t understand it as well as some. I understand it better than others. Another key question is, “do I need to understand the source and details of someone else’s pain to offer sympathy, to feel empathy?” If I am in so much pain myself that I cannot see the other person as a real, live, living, breathing person with hopes and needs just like me, than it is almost impossible.


Key word is almost.


Almost is that pause that we can take, that is offered between inhale and exhale. Almost is that moment between a thought and rushing to say that thought.


Almost is reflective.


We can think. We can decide.


We are in pain or we are in joy. Either way, what we say out loud to another human being is our choice and ours entirely.


Almost is not hurtful. It does not inflict pain.


Almost is what you choose not to say.


Almost is what protects another human or living being from harsh words that you may very well regret. Almost is also what protects us from that regret.


Use your almosts today to the fullest extent. Indulge in them.


I know I will. 



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Infertility Heroes of the Day ~ Babies and Unicorns


Infertility Heroes of the Day ~ Babies and Unicorns

canyon pathway for infertility heroes resized 600Waiting for the results or even waiting for the next set of results. In our heads, going around and around during infertility. How’s my cycle going? How is it going now? How about now? How many follicles? How big? Have the embryos grown? How many? Am I pregnant? How pregnant?


We complicate things, we human beings, don’t we? We get into our own heads and we think and we think and we think and then we think some more.


We think we can think our way to all the answers and then we will arrive and know everything. And then, by gosh, we think some more.


Hence, my FB proclamation yesterday. I don’t often post things besides my blog or something educational. These past few days though, I have gotten so very tired of the real estate in my own head. So tired of my own thoughts and my own complications and then thinking more that I can figure it all out.


My FB post from yesterday, shared from a distant FB friend was this:

“Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a Unicorn. ~Unknown Author

I was driving myself crazy in the privacy of my own brain.


Then the day got much, much better.

From Prenatal Yoga to Newborn

I had the absolute delight and pleasure yesterday of holding a barely month-old baby. Interestingly enough, I am not all that much of a baby person. Not one of those people who swoon over every baby I meet.


This baby though is different. This is a baby that I knew about from embryo to emerged human being. That I got to see grow in prenatal yoga, that I heard about for the entire nine months that he was growing.  A baby who I saw get larger and larger and move more and more. Who, in fact, heard my voice once a week for his entire time in utero.


That baby! Oh my. Nothing to get you out of your own head than a newborn sleeping contentedly on your chest. No more thinking. Brain shut down. Utter physical pleasure. Utter connection. Feeling him get heavier and more into his own comfort was inspiring.


That baby reminded me of a Unicorn. Too complicated to be an adult. I want to be a Unicorn.


He didn’t worry about when he’d be hungry next. Or need to be changed next. Or if he would be cold five minutes or five hours from then. He just was. There were no worries at all. If he was upset, he made it known and what he was upset about was figured out and solved.


That baby was Zen. In the moment. A Unicorn, uncomplicated by a busy brain.


He’s my hero. He’s my fertile hero. He’s the entire reason that we do what we do here at RMACT. Every single one of us on team RMACT is here to help you find your babies.


And let me tell you, the end results? Are miraculous. Every single one of them. Just like Unicorns.


That Unicorn baby yesterday got me right out of my head. He got me looking at clouds. And dragonflies. And birdhouses for purple martins. He had me looking at rivers and the way the sun hit the stones. He had me listening to my fellow human beings and seeing them as miraculous Unicorns.


Thanks miracle baby. I needed that.



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Fertile Affirmations for Friday


Fertile Affirmations for Friday

fertile affirmations for fridayMight it be a good time to replace some thoughts that rattle around your head with fertile affirmations? Whether you are in the midst of infertility or fertility treatment or just want to live a happier life, I think yes and here’s why. Speaking for myself, I often get into a place of internal scolding when I don’t make the choices that are absolutely perfect for me. In other words, I beat myself up almost whenever I can. Interesting that I make that choice over and over again. It’s become a routine, even a habit. Do something less than perfectly, and here’s the tape in my head, “oh, cr#p, I did it again. That’s the third time today, eighteenth time this week, nine thousandth time this year. Why did I do it again? It’s never worked before and it didn’t work again.” I won’t bore you with the on and on and on that goes; it’s not pretty. I won’t discuss how distracting it can be when I’m trying to focus on something in front of me, that’s a different blog.


What I will focus on is how exhausting it is to be in a constant state of internal disapproval. My brain is the arresting officer, judge and jury in the split second of an eye. And it’s not enough to judge the moment; I have to bring up every time I’ve ever done that in my life. And I throw in the kitchen sink as well.


I do this less frequently now. I have a new practice, a new habit, that I’ve gradually incorporated to replace this automatic instinct to scold myself.

Positive Affirmations - A One Minute Break

Positive affirmations. Every hour on the hour, I take a one minute break and reel off a list of positive affirmations of things that I believe about myself. Every hour they are different. Every hour it becomes more familiar and comfortable to reflect on these aspects of my personality and feel them, in my heart and even deeper.


This felt deeply uncomfortable at first. It was a change in routine, of course it felt strange. Like it does when I add anything new into my life; it took getting used to.


Now? I love it. Doing this makes me breathe more effortlessly. And it does not feel like bragging or like exalting myself, quite the opposite, what it feels like is that I am bringing balance to my internal conversations. I still scold myself but it is balanced with an acknowledgement of my self worth.


17 Fertile Affirmations to Try


I am strong


I am healthy


I am loving and I am loved


I am valuable


I am vibrant


I am worthwhile


I am capable


I am able


I am persistent


I am funny


I am a force to be reckoned with


I am light


I am kind


I am powerful


I am humble


I am capable of growth and change


I am fertile



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Infertility Chaos - Turning to Calm


Infertility Chaos - Turning to Calm

“You don’t have to suffer continual chaos in order to grow.”  John C. Lilly


infertility chaos   turning to calm   flowers in fieldSome people react to crises with calm composure. Those same people will react to other types of crises or challenges with a less calm demeanor.


How about you? Does a roadblock in your way cause frenzy, either in your behavior or in your emotions? Does the challenge cause turmoil or do you accept that it’s part of your journey like all the good and easy, sweet things?

Facing Infertility

Infertility is a crisis. It’s a road block that can feel like a massive and unassailable impediment. More like a mountain than something that will give way and be temporary.


And that’s where today’s quote comes in handy. In the middle of a crisis, any crisis, there is the temptation to be in a state of chaos. I find it very tempting to blame the chaos on the situation. I can find excuses, always, about why this or that hasn’t happened or has happened and the crisis is always a good thing to blame it on.


Really though, maybe it’s just about time to learn how to grow without chaos. When facing infertility, there are schedule changes; unexpected test results, insensitive comments from family/friends and more that can cause chaotic feelings and reactions.


Infertility Meditation


I personally like meditation. Which I am terrible at; my mind chatters about what I need to get done, my thoughts wander around the universe and back home, my nose itches and I want desperately to wiggle my toes. My method these days is to candle gaze. Carrie Van Steen is my hero! She meditates and she didn’t even know that’s what she was doing. Light a candle, gaze at it. Focus on the flame. Soften your thoughts. Then soften your thoughts and your judgment of yourself when you realize that you are having thoughts. Allow yourself to let go of other distractions and just keep looking. Consider it a mini-vacation. Consider it a major vacation.


Maybe chaos is more productive for you than it is for me. I notice the whirlwind and realize that I’m the eye of the storm. The eye is calm, yet I create frenetic activity all around me. What if I choose instead to extend that calm, that sense of peace and quiet from the eye of the storm?


What if? What if I chose quiet over chaos? Let the business slip away. The din to die down.


I feel capable of making a different choice and I am ready to practice it during less chaotic moments.


Who’s willing to try with me?



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I Treat My Car More Lovingly Than I Treat Myself | Wellness Wake-Up


Wellness Wake-Up Call

woman and broken red car   fertility wellness self care metaphorI have a great group of women that I am working with who are inspiring, uplifting and vibrant. They are successful and funny and smart and more.


Here’s a comment that I made yesterday at our group that I feel comfortable sharing:


I want to take at least as good care of me as I do my car.


My car gets regular oil changes. I fill it with gas when the gauge indicates that it’s needed. (I have experienced the unfortunate results when I’ve waited too long about the gas issue.) I have great snow tires and make sure to check them regularly during the winter and my regular tires regularly as well; just the right amount of air. When I want to wash my windshield, I press a button and fluid magically appears, if I’ve filled the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. The list around my car goes on. My tires are rotated and balanced. The car is washed, perhaps not frequently enough. The car has regular check-ups and lights remind me to bring it in until I do.


I kind of wish I had the light go on for me when I turned 16 and didn’t get my period regularly. Or at 22, when I was having sex, not being particularly careful and never got pregnant. A light reminding me to ask questions about that or to have myself checked would have come in very handy.


Who knows what would have happened. Had I known about infertility earlier, would I have done something different? Made different choices? Set my priorities in some other way?


Having a light go on might have alerted me that I needed maintenance. The way we all do.

The Self-Care We Deserve

My body, my psyche, me. I deserve at least as much self-care -- attention, money, mindfulness -- as my car does. But while I do not skimp on the car (except for car washes!), I do skimp on myself.


I shower regularly, brush my teeth three times a day, floss (not enough). Do I go to the doctor regularly? Do I make the appointment with my OB/Gyn for a checkup? Do I see the dentist as often as I should?  How long should I have intense and regular shoulder pain before I see an orthopedist? Do I treat my food as fuel for my physical body; nourishment for organs, cells, tissues? Do I skip the glass of water because I’m in too much of a rush? Sleep less than I should because I have too much to do? Leave out meditation or time by myself to do more?


Do I take better care of my car than myself?


You bet I do.


Without a doubt I do.


The car won’t run without gas and I won’t function without food and water. Yet so often I fuel myself with inappropriate nourishment and call it comfort. I wouldn’t think about putting soda into my car and expect it to run, still I feed myself things that do not help my body run in a way that is anywhere near optimum.


And the list goes on and on. My car is treated with more mindfulness than I treat myself.


So easy to make a commitment to making a change. So hard to implement real changes.


Today, I have started. I have eaten a healthy breakfast. I have made plans and taken the action steps to create and eat a healthy lunch. Tonight, for dinner, I will think ahead, now, and make sure that before I get too hungry, I can eat what is appropriate and delicious.


Today, I will treat myself as lovingly as I do my car.


It’s the least I can do.



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I'm Fine - Fertility Treatment Guilt and Attitude Awareness


Fertility Treatment Guilt

attitude awareness during fertility treatmentContributing to your own demise.


Is that like digging a hole and climbing in? Adding to your own miseries?


I think it probably is like that. We do that, a lot, with fertility treatment; it’s called guilt. What we should have done. Could have done. Should not have done. Started younger. Knew more about our own fertility. And more. 


May I just say though, that I don’t think this is about blame? Or guilt.


How often do we accept that we are doing the best that we can? And that even if it is not what we would like to be able to offer to ourselves or others, it’s the best that we can do in that moment. Sometimes what we have to offer is miniscule compared to our expectations. Sometimes what we have to offer looks an awful lot like sitting on the couch too much, watching too much of whatever our favorite show is at the time. Sometimes our best is taking a thirty minute walk, even if running marathons is what we used to do.


The shame and guilt that we heap on top of ourselves is probably far more damaging than anything we are eating or any exercise we are not doing.


That’s hurting us from the inside out. Where no one else can see it, but we feel it. And it matters a lot more how we feel than how we look. What if we wore our misery on our faces instead of in our hearts? And so our faces looked the way that we felt and our hearts felt relieved at being able to be honest and express what really was going on.


The word fine is a perfect case in point.


What a stupid word.

Attitude Awareness: Are You Really Fine?

What does it mean? I know at least one meaning that I cannot write here because I really try hard not to curse. Here’s the G-rated version: f**ked up, insecure, neurotic and excessive. Make your own version. I think mine today would look something like this: flighty, indignant, neurotic, exhausted.


What does your version of fine really mean?


Here are a few good words to choose from:


F-fearful, frantic, frightened, freaking, frenzied, fatigued, fuming, furious, forlorn, full of faith, fervent, fanatical,  fixated, fabulous, fulfilled


I-insecure, irrational, interested, insightful, illogical, insensitive, indignant, intelligent, intuitive, impatient, intolerant, impressive, inspired, irked


N-neurotic, nourished, nervous, numb, needy, natural, nurturing, narrow minded, notable, nasty, normal


E-emotional, excessive, exhausted , engaging, enraged, excited, eager, enthusiastic, edgy, extraordinary, encouraged, epic, enthusiastic, energetic, empowering, efficient


I’m setting an intention for tomorrow. Here’s what Fine will look like for tomorrow. Writing it on a post-it note and putting it on the bathroom mirror.


F - full of faith


i - inspired


n - nurturing


e - efficient


When someone asks me tomorrow how I am, I will say I’m fine. And I will mean it.



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