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Lisa Rosenthal has over twenty-five years of experience in the fertility field, including her current roles as Coordinator of Professional and Patient Communications for RMACT and teacher and founder of Fertile Yoga, a class designed to support, comfort and enhance men and women's sense of self. Her experience also includes working with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and The American Fertility Association, where she was Educational Coordinator, Conference Director and Assistant Executive Director

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Infertility Retreat, To Give Pause, Or Just Take a Break


Infertility Retreat - What Does It Really Mean?

cat and grumpy dog for infertility retreatI heard the phrase timely retreat recently. Yesterday in fact.


Me, I don’t love the word retreat. Especially as it is used in moving into introspective space, head clearing, heart open space.


Here are the synonyms and they tell the story about why retreat doesn’t appeal to me: move away, draw back, pull away, recoil, withdraw, leave.


Those synonyms are the reason that I don’t like retreat because they indicate a giving up, as opposed to regrouping or reconsidering.

Fertility Treatment Pause

With infertility, rest becomes imperative. Taking time off from fertility treatment is necessary, even when that may seem impossible. When rest is not taken, exhaustion takes over. Hysteria and obsession take over. Given that it’s impossible to make sane, reasoned decisions from a hysterical place, a pause to take a deep breath can make the difference between good choices and not so good choices.


I’m trying the word pause out instead. Synonyms are: hiatus, gap, silence, break in proceedings, awkward moment, recess (I really like that one) and suspension. Here are some words that I looked at to express the meaning I’m trying to convey: give pause, compose, reflect, reconsider, selah and even delay.


What I’m recommending is not a retreat, which is often thought of as backing away. I’m recommending to give pause. To stop and reconsider. To stop and breathe, which is not the same as hyperventilating.


When I stop and give pause, I find that I don’t feel less stuck, I am less stuck. Possibilities that I refused to consider on the basis of them being impossible, become possible, sometimes even attractive. My knee jerk reaction of no, with that delay, becomes a more thoughtful, “well, maybe”.


Focus On Fertility - Remembering We Have Choices


My focus on fertility, pregnancy, and babies was so specific and pointed that I rarely allowed the idea of other options in; I rarely gave pause on what an alternate outcome could look like. Giving pause, taking a break allowed me to make other changes in my life that made my life feel hospitable to other choices about fertility treatment. Breathing in off-cycle months allowed me to be more sane in fertility cycle months.


So maybe that’s what I’ve settled on instead of retreat; to give pause.


To breathe in and out. To reconsider while in a quiet, saner state of mind. To sidestep the hysteria that builds and breathe instead.


What I learned and relearn every day is that when I go into panic mode I forget that most decisions can wait a moment. Or two. Or ten. Or a month. That making a decision when I feel like I have no choice is no decision at all; it comes from feeling bullied, even if I’m the one doing the bullying.


We always have choices. Even if the choices are miserable and hard and not at all what we wanted. Still, we have choices. And taking a moment to pause allows us to consider our choices in a saner, more open way.


To give pause. Yep, I like it.


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Finding My Own Peace Within Infertility


Peace in the Midst of Infertility and Chaos

Breath and Peace in InfertilityThere are places that I know bring me peace.  In the midst of infertility and the chaos that it brought, I sought these places out to bring relief.


The ocean.


The mountains.


The woods.






A book.


Where can you go where you feel that deep sigh from within, signaling safety? Letting you know that you have come home?


Sometimes those moments come in unexpected places. I’ve felt at home in places that were shocking.


For instance, in a coffee house with a friend after revealing a secret. In my own bedroom, letting go of everything at the door, walking in completely unburdened.


I almost always have a moment of lightness in a yoga class. That moment when everything melts away and I feel present to myself, to others and to the universe.


More and more lately, I feel at peace when I am alone. It used to be that I felt lonely or antsy or overly in my head when I was alone. These days, I find it soothing.


I have a suggestion.

How to Clear the Mind with Breath

Make some time for yourself. Clear your mind with deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Keep repeating. Allow yourself to repeat the word in your mind as you do the action.


Inhale -- bring the breath in.


Exhale -- release the breath out.


Do it again.


And again.


Notice your heart slow down.


Notice your thoughts become less frantic and hurried.


Close your eyes if it helps.


Let this time with yourself be the place that you find calm and peace.


Observe the stillness within your own heart and let the reflected light show you something new.


Maybe I’m not saying this so well.


Albert Einstein said it beautifully.


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


Our lives are miracles. Even while we’re waiting for our babies.


Find it in your breath and in yourself.


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First. Do No Harm. How Does Infertility Make That Feel Impossible?


Thursday text
Sometimes I write my blogs late at night. Very late at night. So late, that really it’s early morning. When the house is quiet and still. The sounds outside are muted and sleepy except for the nocturnal creatures.

Sometimes that’s when I find the peace of mind to write my blog. It is very late right now, quiet.

This morning (yesterday morning), I taught a private yoga class to a good friend of mine. Someone I know for a long time, very well, although not always intimately. I know her intimately enough to know about her family, her health, her personality. I have gotten to know her yoga practice most of all, through about two years of practicing together.

She is beautiful and graceful but doesn’t believe it or necessarily know it.

We experiment and learn together even though I am the teacher. She allows that vulnerability and I feel comfortable sharing it with her.

Sometimes I learn that I have been teaching something incorrectly. I believe that I have not caused her pain, although, perhaps occasionally, I have. She knows that I read, research, take classes, take workshops to learn to teach and grow more as a teacher.

I truly believe in the piece of the Hippocratic Oath that reads, (not exactly) first, do no harm.

In a class that I took the other day, a teacher I love almost to the point of idolization, pushed my legs, feet, arms and back into positions that I never would have been able to take by myself. Intense sensation is one way to describe it. Someone with a lower pain threshold might have called it by another name.

That is not who I am as a teacher. My teaching is suggestive, directive; I invite the student into the process. I call upon the students’ innate body wisdom and intuition. I assume that the student knows more about themselves, body, mind, heart and breath than even they realize.

I teach to bring that knowledge floating up to the surface for them to grasp. In their own time and space.

First, do no harm.

Perhaps the perfect phrase for us to sink into as we journey on this path to fertility. First, do no harm. No harm to oneself, first, no harm to others either.

Let the point of this blog be non-harming. And let that non-harming start with yourself. Let the idea of it extend to any negative sound bytes or recordings that you have running through your head. Flood your brain, mind, heart and breath with beautiful, joyous, uplifting messages today. Let them wash away all the thoughts of what you can’t do, what you don’t do, what you didn’t do. Let the breath carry you to realize how extraordinary you are. Just as you are. Absolutely perfect.

To all my students who allow me to learn with you, experience the wonder of the breath and heart, thank you. Special thanks to this one particular student and friend who has encouraged my teaching to blossom with the strength of her trust. 



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